Sunshine Will Have to Come from the Heart Today..But the Real Deal on Tap for Tomorrow...Feb 14th

Happy Valentine's Day! ie Happy Chocolate Day! The light rain moved in with the warm front right on cue overnight. And light drizzle and mist have continues through the morning.

High pressure aloft will strengthen this afternoon, so the risk of showers will decrease for this afternoon.
Have a happy day today ;)

- The ridge will continue to intensify and move inland, cutting off the flow of moisture for a while..
- That means nice mix of sun and cloud to Vancouver for Friday afternoon. After some possible morning fog though...
- Our one day sunny, one day showers pattern will continue though- a cold front slides in for Saturday bringing rain as well as cooler air. Snow levels will drop to below 1000 m by the end of the day so some good local mountain snow
- Sunday still looks to be dry though with some possible sunny breaks
- Early next week though, our meandering high pressure ridge gives in to approaching moisture again with cooler temps as well

Valentines Day Weather Story
- Weather Controls Roses, Wine & Chocolate!

Quake Test: Can NYC's Row Houses Handle an Earthquake?
- Researchers will conduct a rare -- if not unprecedented -- large-scale earthquake simulation to determine how vulnerable New York's unreinforced masonry buildings are to temblors.
- Designed to imitate the 2011 Virginia quake that rattled the East Coast, the test will occur at 11 a.m. Feb. 19 at the Multidisciplinary Center for Earthquake Engineering Research
- Two 14-foot-tall walls -- built with materials such as 100-year-old brick -- will replicate turn-of-the-century "brownstones" found in New York.
- Researchers will use an earthquake shake table to mimic the Virginia temblor as if its epicenter was under the New York region. They will use the test results to calculate estimates for property loss and potential human casualties.

Camera traps capture 1m images of wildlife in the tropics - video
- One million images of wildlife in 16 tropical forests around the world have been captured by the Tropical Ecology Assessment and Monitoring Network.
- Since it began its work in 2008 to monitor changes in wildlife, vegetation and climate, cameras in the Americas, Africa and Asia have photographed more than 370 different species including elephants, gorillas, chimpanzees, large cats, honey badgers, tapirs and tropical birds

The Day After Today..
 - We talked about this last week but..
- Early Friday afternoon (2:24 p.m. EST), planet Earth will be buzzed by an asteroid some 45 m wide, identified as 2012 DA14, as it intersects Earth's orbit just 28,000 km above our heads.
- According to NASA, this is the closest documented encounter of an asteroid this large (excluding ones which actually smashed into the Earth). While this might not seem at first even a close miss, on the cosmic scale of the solar system, it certainly qualifies as a very close call

Busy Past Month of Winter for NFLD!
- Ryan Snoddon, our NFLD meteorologist has been keeping track:
- 7 systems/storms have shot through in the past 14 days & 12 in the past month
- Finally catching a bit of a break over the next couple of days

Vancouver Weather





A mix of sun and cloud






A mix of sun and cloud