Stormier Each Day With Friday Finale...Then Saturday Sun...Feb 20th

The first of several systems is rolling through the south coast today. Today's system is fairly weak but continued on and off showers will be the story for Vancouver through the day as it slides onshore from the north.

With temperatures still hanging only a few above zero, the precip is falling as wet snow for parts of North Van, Port Coquitlam, SFU this afternoon.

From Spring..back to winter today

- Showers will ease this evening but the next, and somewhat stronger system is poised to slide in tomorrow morning. Also looking at some more local mountain snow with breezy conditions for the ususal suspects along the coast
- An even stronger storm will roll in for Friday bringing rain, and strong winds behind the cold front. This will likely translate to 30-50 cm of fresh storm snow for the mountains at elevation. Great for the mountains for weekend skiing but that means messy mountain passes
- Wind warnings may also be issued on Friday
- Much more peaceful weather for Saturday with even some sunny breaks in the forecast..more rain and snow on Sunday

Eastern Canada Storm..Continues from Yesterday
- Warnings associated with a low pressure system near southern Quebec right extend from Ontario right through to NL.
- Behind the system it's cold temps and snow squalls for the Great Lakes, heavy snow for Quebec and a mixed bag for the Maritimes
- 15-25 cm and blowing snow will pick up this evening for Newfoundland inc St John's

Nuclear monitors picked up Russian meteor
- Sensors meant to pick up the sounds of atomic testing detected the ultra low frequency waves from the meteor that exploded over Russia last week, scientists say.
- The infrasonic waves from the meteor were the largest ever recorded by the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty Organization's International Monitoring System, they said.
- The blast was detected by 17 infrasound stations in the network meant to tracks atomic blasts across the planet, and the furthest station to record the sub-audible sound was 15,000 km away in Antarctica
10 Unlikely and Surprising Kickstarter Successes of 2012
- The website has helped thousands of projects get off the ground.  Here are some of our favorites from the past year:
- (I got the Ostrich Pillow for Christmas!)
Newly discovered planet is tiniest one yet
- A hot, rocky planet discovered using the Kepler space telescope is the smallest ever found outside our solar system.
- The new planet, called Kepler-37b, has a radius less than a third the size of Earth's, making it roughly the size of the moon


Vancouver Weather


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