Pineapple Express Today & Tomorrow..After a Fairly Dry Season...Feb 28th

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Light rain began around 7 am across metro Vancouver and continues to pick up in intensity.


- The strong frontal system that is pushing into the south coast today is tapping into some very moist sub-tropical air. -Almost- from the Hawaiian islands but I think it's still fair to call this a 'Pineapple Express' set-up.
- Rain will continue to intensify this evening and overnight.. and will continue all day Friday
- Rainfall warnings are in place for metro Vancouver, West Vancouver Island, Howe Sound, and the Sunshine Coast. West Vancouver Island will see the highest amounts with up to 150 mm of rain by Saturday morning. More like 60-100 mm for How Sound and the Sunshine Coast and as much as 80 mm for Metro Vancouver.. highest amounts near the north shore.
- The heavy rain looks to taper to showers late Friday morning as the frontal system shifts slightly northward during the day.
- Temperatures and freezing levels are on the rise and actually look to remain around the 9 degree mark right through the overnight as we really start getting into the sub-tropical airmass. Double digits on tap for the weekend with mild overnights
- Although the feed of moisture looses the sub-tropical source by Friday afternoon... another system will move through for Saturday
- By Sunday though, we finally see a break from the systems; sun in the forecast for Sunday, Monday
- Avalanche risk is rising to high for much of BC as well with the rising freezing levels. Snow falling on the local mountains will change over to rain by this evening..and mountain passes too are messy right now but will change over to rain tonight. But Whistler will likely get 30-50 cm of snow over the next few days.
- Much of the south coast has been below seasonal for rainfall totals the last few months: Vancouver only saw 100 mm precip in Jan compared to 140 mm average. And so far, Vancouver has only seen 60 mm for February compared to 123 mm avg. Although we may end up catching up in the last day..and starting off March on a wet foot
** We will likely get more rain for YVR in the next 2 days than we have seen in the past 40 days! **
New Brunswick Still Getting Hit With Heavy Snow
- Meanwhile on the other coast, heavy snow continues to fall across SW NB. Snow, ice pellets and even freezing rain falling today and into this evening
- Winter storm warnings in place for 10-30 cm of wet, messy snow
- The same systen that brought the messy weather to Toronto, Ottawa (25-30 cm!) & Montreal has now stalled out over the Maritimes
Well, It's About Time: Star Wars-like wristband can control PCs, fly drones
- Scientists have developed a "Star Wars" inspired 'Jedi wristband' which can wirelessly control anything from computers and video games to military drones with a flick of the wrist.
- Users can programme the band to recognize gestures, swipes and even programme functions to each finger
- The timing is in-line with fresh evidence that Apple has been working on a smart watch concept since at least 2011 AND with a crownd-sourced iphone watch kits

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