Our Lovely Stretch of Weather Comes to an End Wed...Big Storm on Tap for Frid...Feb 19th

After a gorgeous weekend and start to the week...the pattern will turn showery for the week ahead.

Nice way to get back to work after a long weekend with visiting friends

- The trough of low pressure sitting off the coast the past few days is heading south and high pressure will be filling in. But it will bring a wet northwesterly flow that will help spin around systems to the coast this week
- Clouds will roll in tonight and we could see a drizzly, low clouds start to our Wednesday with showers starting late Wed afternoon.
- With a more northwesterly flow setting up for tomorrow, another storm rolls in for Thursday as well
- And an even stronger storm moves in for Friday bringing big winds along with the mountain snow and valley rain
- Showers at this point for the weekend ahead
Eastern Canada Messy Weather
- A strong low pressure system over the upper Great Lakes will bring some messy weather to southern Ontario this afternoon & eastern Ontario this evening (Ottawa & Montreal for showtime)
- The cold front associated with this system is tracking across Southern Ontario today bringing about 5 cm along with some mixing of freezing rain near the lakes
- Behind the front, temps will drop and snow flurries will also develop across all regions by tonight and localized blowing snow with
reduced visibilities is a possibility along with icy roads.
- The same storm will approach the Maritimes tonight: Snow will spread across Central and Northern New Brunswick from west to east beginning early Wednesday morning in the west. Snowfall amounts of 15 to 25 centimetres are expected and freezing rain will be the story for parts of NS and PEI
Tsunami Debris Litters Alaska Coast; Clean Up Funds Insufficient
- The beaches of Alaska are piled with debris from the tsunami that struck Japan on March 11, 2011, but restoration to their once pristine condition has slowed, as funding remains scarce.
- "The amount of debris washing ashore has vastly exceeded most people's expectation..." The debris is no longer only lightweight items such as water bottles and styrofoam. Beaches are now also littered with refrigerators, fuel tanks and other large objects
- Local landfills are struggling to find space for such a large volume of debris.

More Earth Impact News: Asteroid impact site found in Australia
- One of the largest ancient asteroid impact zones on Earth has been discovered in the Australian outback, scientists say.
- Researchers from the Australian National University and University of Queensland said the impact zone in northeastern South Australia was caused by an asteroid up to 20 km wide crashing into the planet between 298 and 360 million years ago
- The landscape around the impact site shows evidence of changes caused by shock-wave related deformation: "This shock metamorphic terrain covers an area of over 30,000 square km making it the third-largest site of its kind ever discovered on Earth
Contact lost with space station
- Flight controllers in Houston were updating software on board the ISS's flight computers this afternoon (GMT) when one of the station's data relay systems broke down.
- But the ISS has been able to make contact intermittently via Russian ground stations.
- Nasa told the crew to connect a backup computer to begin restoring contact.

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