Getting Some Sun Tomorrow...Clouds return Thursday but Temps Stay Mild...Feb 12th

A heavier round of rain moved through metro Vancouver around the noon hour along a frontal boundary. Now mostly just drizzle for the afternoon with the continued onshore flow. Breezy conditions will also continue for the coasts.

My running buddy..

- Our upper level high pressure system will build back in tomorrow bringing a nice mix of sun & cloud for mid-week
- The flow will turn more northwesterly behind this frontal system, and around the high pressure which is a drier flow for us, but some showers will sneak in with low cloud cover for Thursday, Friday & Saturday. Morning fog could be the Friday am story as well.
- By Sunday, we should see things clear out for another nice end to the weekend

Newfoundland Storm
- The same low pressure system we were tracking yesterday will cross Newfoundland tonight. - Snow associated with this system has begun over most areas and will change to rain over southeastern sections this evening or overnight. Most areas will see 10-15 cms along w strong easterly winds gusting to 80 km/h will result in blowing snow.

CIA funds an environmental Impact Study....Security Risks of Extreme Weather and Climate Change
- Because of the potential threat to U.S. national security, a new study was conducted to explore the forces driving extreme weather events and their impacts over the next decade, specifically with regard to their implications for national security planning.
- The report finds that the early ramifications of climate extremes resulting from climate change are already upon us and will continue to be felt over the next decade, directly impacting U.S. national security interests.

Global poll opens for naming two new moons of Pluto
- A worldwide poll has been launched inviting people to give names to the two moons of Pluto that were discovered in 2011 and 2012. The moons are currently called P4 and P5.
- Mark Showalter of the SETI Institute, who discovered the two baby moons using Hubble space telescope's photographs, launched a portal yesterday, called Pluto Rocks, to start a worldwide poll.
- My vote is Danny...that's my dog's name.

Dog Owners Have Known This to be True for Some Time But..
Dogs understand human perspective, say researchers

- Dogs are more capable of understanding situations from a human's point of view than has previously been recognised, according to researchers.
- This suggested the dogs were able to alter their behaviour when they knew their owners' perspective had changed.
- The study, published was published in Animal Cognition

Marti Gras Storms
- Severe weather will erupt again across the central gulf coast as low pressure emerges from eastern Texas today.
- Cities caught in the crosshairs include some of the same locations hit by a swarm of tornadoes this past weekend: including New Orleans
- The greatest threats will come from damaging gusts of wind and hail, rather than the strong to violent tornadoes that struck on Sunday.

McDonald's teams up with Greenpeace and the World Wildlife fund to reduce waste and
protect rainforests.


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A mix of sun and cloud



A mix of sun and cloud



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A mix of sun and cloud