Dry Stretch Ahead...Sun on the Side Though, Not Main Course...Feb 9th

Our rain-making low is shifting south this morning..allowing a high pressure ridge to build in off the coast. That will change our airflow from the soggy SW pattern we have been in, to a dry NW over the next few days.

It's not the 'cleanest' of high pressure systems though..lots of moisture will be allowed to wrap around the high so cloud cover is still a big story through the weekend. Along with morning fog and an inversion. Sun this afternoon and mix of sun tomorrow. The cloud might not ever clear out for Saturday but good chance of seeing the sun Sunday.
You got to give it to the sun though, it is at least -trying- to come out

- A weak system tries to get through the ridge for Monday bringing some showers at this point but the ridge rebounds back fro mid-week. So a fairly dry pattern in the long range too
- As for temperatures, the freezing level will be dropping tonight..down to 0 for Vancouver overnight tonight..and overnight lows staying just above the zero mark through next week w afternoon highs up around 6. Quite seasonal actually.
Major Winter Storm
Southern Ontario Impact

- Not one but two low pressure systems will be merging just south of the Great Lakes over the next 48 hours to bring record snow and high winds to much of the eastern seaboard of Canada & the US
- Light snow has already started for southern Ontario in Advance of the first low, an Alberta Clipper, coming in from the west. Snow will begin to ramp up late this afternoon along the warm front of the system..for around 5 cm of snow in Toronto for our 5 pm PT show
- After this there is a lot of uncertainty in the forecast: it looks like overnight tonight and into tomorrow morning Toronto could see another 20 cm of snow as the low moves in before beginning to taper off tomorrow night. At this point it looks like 20-30 cm for the whole event is a good estimate for southern Ontario incl Toronto.
- The heaviest of the snow really starting around 5 am ET, just before morning rush hour and along the 401 corridor
- But brisk easterly winds will also reduce visibility both for the commute home tonight and drive to work tomorrow morning. It may also enhance snowfall totals for areas around the Hamilton region to closer to 40 cm
- "There will be a major impact on the commute to work on Friday morning and possibly Friday afternoon in heavy snow and blowing snow." From Environment Canada. Flight delays and power outages are pretty much a given
- Snowfall warnings are in place for most of southern Ontario...and winter storm warnings for Golden Horshoe because of the extra wind & snow
- If Toronto sees more than 20 cm of snow, this will be the biggest single-event snowfall since Feb 09 (5 years). I will look at the numbers to see what kind of record 30 cm snow would be..I've heard rumblings that it was back in '79 but will confirm
Atlantic Canada Impact
- The same low pressure system will continue to intensify and track up the east coast on Friday
- Winter Storm watches are in place already for most of the Maritimes
- This system will give snow at times heavy, strong northeast winds and blowing snow Southern overnight Friday and on Saturday.
- Around 15-20 cm of snow is expected for but some areas could see up to 30 cm. The combination of snow with strong winds will also generate blowing snow for most of the day Saturday.
US Impact
- The worst of the storm will hit the Boston area late Friday and Friday night and will wind down Saturday morning. The bullseye for snowfall amounts look to be centred just NW of Boston where as much as 60 cm could fall.
- New York City and the northern mid-Atlantic are on the edge of the major storm.
- Numerous flight delays and cancellations are possible centered on New England, but these problems will be felt elsewhere across the nation.
- Strong winds will not only cause white-out conditions and massive drifts, but also coastal flooding and power outages. Gusts can approach hurricane force in coastal areas. If the power goes out, it could take a while for crews to repair the lines.

And in case sry stretch and major winter storm just don't cut it...
New Light Shed On the Mysteries of Spider Silk
Researcher and team are the first to measure all of the elastic properties of an intact spider's web, drawing a remarkable picture of the behavior of one of nature's most intriguing structures. The work could lead to new "bio-inspired" materials that improve upon nature.
- The silk is five times stronger than steel and can expand nearly a third greater than its original length and snap right back like new

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