Chance of Showers Next Few of Days..Nice Sunday Though...Feb 13th

High pressure just off the coast has punched up the general flow- now coming in from the northwest. However it is a fairly moist flow so overcast skies will move back in tonight with a chance of drizzle all day tomorrow as a warm front sneaks in.
Low cloud hangs on this morning..some sunny breaks today though

- Looks like things will dry back out for Friday am with a fairly dry Friday on tap
- A cold front will ride the flow in for Saturday though so back to rain and falling snow levels
- But a nice rebound by the ridge for Sunday- looks like the best day this weekend with lots of sunshine. Great day for say a Chinese New Year Parade
- Temps are mild all week though- afternoon highs getting up to8 or 9 through Sunday with mild overnights... Temps will drop to 0 for Saturday night with the dropping snow levels

Arctic Ocean Is On Thin Ice: European Satellite Confirms Numbers
- The September 2012 record low in Arctic sea-ice extent was big news, but a missing piece of the puzzle was lurking below the ocean's surface. What volume of ice floats on Arctic waters? And how does that compare to previous summers?
- New satellite observations confirm a University of Washington analysis that for the past three years has produced widely quoted estimates of Arctic sea-ice volume. Findings based on observations from a European Space Agency satellite, published online in Geophysical Research Letters, show that the Arctic has lost more than a third of summer sea-ice volume since a decade ago, when a U.S. satellite collected similar data.

How to prevent earthquake damage: make buildings invisible?
- Researchers from a ground-improvement specialist company, have developed an invisibility cloak that could protect buildings during an earthquake by redirecting seismic waves around them.!traps/id/0a04e9b0-66a4-45cc-9e1a-78bff9aa7a84/jump/6ENkwb9jd002q6RDia8e

Air Guns Give Glimpse Inside a Subduction Zone
- Researchers are getting a closer look at what happens to a tectonic plate as it slides under another plate and enters the mantle, a process known as subduction.
- New research at the Kuril Trench, a subduction zone off the eastern coast of Japan, shows that as one plate dives under another, the bottom plate fractures and allows a lot of seawater to seep in through cracks and faults.

Stranded Cruise Ship May Hit Thunderstorms Before Reaching US
- A cold front system is moving through the Gulf coast today which could bring cooler temperatures, and rain and thunderstorms could move into the ships path

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