Active Weather Tomorrow: Messy Mountain Passes & Steady Rain for YVR...Feb 21st

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Isolated, cold showers will continue today as our second frontal system this week slides onshore.

Winds have shifted behind the front and are coming in at gusts up to 30 km/h at YVR from the SE..before switching to SW this evening but remaining breezy.

Not great..but not as bad as tomorrow!

- Our third, and biggest storm of the week arrives tomorrow bringing steady rain, mountain snow and winds
- Gusts will pick up tomorrow morning with the rain and could blow to 55 km/h for the lower mainland through the day tomorrow as the front passes before winding down tomorrow evening
- Temperatures will remain on the cool side..and with snow levels getting below 1000 m local mountains will receive a good dumping as will the mountain passes
- A special weather statement is in place for the Coq for 5 cm today and at least 15 cm tomorrow..lesser amounts but still messy for the Allison and Kootenay passes. Blowing snow and reduced visibilities will be a big concern..especially with the timing for Friday drivers
- Conditions look much more tranquil for Saturday as we get into a break between systems with the possibility of some sunny breaks...rain back for Sunday and showers early next week
- Looks like we may catch a break in the long range on Tuesday but the end of February looks to end on a cool and rainy note (after a relatively dry winter so far I might add)
US Midwest Blizzard Heading for New England Next
- A blizzard is under way across portions of northern Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska and Missouri. This is the same storm that brought heavy snow to Arizona yesterday
- More than 30 cm of snow has already piled up over some communities in Kansas, where totals could climb upwards to 60 cm. Kansas City has declared a state of emergency.
- The storm will then reorganize on the East Coast this weekend and will deliver heavy snow to part of New England by Sunday.
- It will be the third weekend in a row that a snowstorm will impact parts of the region.
** Speaking of snow...Meteorologist Kalin Mitchell from CBC Halifax has been keeping an eye on the Maritimes working through St John's. "Bathurst NB reporting 59 cm of snow between 2pm Wed and 2pm today. 61 cm in total since it started". Follow @CBCKalin for Maritimes updates and @RyanSnoddon for NFLD updates .. **

Large volcanic eruption from Mount Etna
- Lava continues to spew from Mount Etna in Sicily on Wednesday after an initial eruption from its south-eastern crater on Tuesday. Communities in the nearby town of Catania have not been afftected and no warnings of danger have been issued. The volcano's south-eastern crater has been the most active in recent years
London, from Above
- Record-breaking 320-gigapixel interactive picture of the capital that lets you zoom in on streets and buildings 30 km away!
- Pretty amazing interactive tool- check it out below if you have always wanted to 'see London in a day'
NASA instrument sees giant sunspot forming
- NASA says it Solar Dynamics Observatory has detected a giant sunspot that has grown to over six times the diameter of Earth in the last two days.
- This is a fairly unstable configuration that scientists have confirmed can lead to eruptions of radiation on the sun called solar flares..and if aligned in the right direction, potentially solar storms and strong auroras for Earth
Deepest undersea vents discovered by UK team
- UK scientists exploring the ocean floor in the Caribbean have discovered an "astounding" set of hydrothermal vents, the deepest anywhere in the world.
- Good video:
3-D Printing Creates Human Ear
- Cornell bioengineers and physicians have created an artificial ear -- using 3-D printing and injectable molds -- that looks and acts like a natural ear, giving new hope to thousands of children born with a congenital deformity called microtia.
- The 3-D printing and injectable gels are made of living cells can fashion ears that are practically identical to a human ear. Over a three-month period, these flexible ears grew cartilage to replace the collagen that was used to mold them.
- I am more and more impressed with the potential of 3D printing- seems new stories come out every day around this technology that is on the verge of becomming mainstream.

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