A Spot of Sun Today Before the Big Rain Starts Tomorrow...Feb 27th

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A nice mix of sun and cloud to start the day for most of metro Vancouver as we sit between two systems.

Cloud is already filling in though with afternoon and evening showers along a weak, but fast moving frontal system sliding through tonight.

On this morning's episode of 'Sun Hunter'...

- The big rain though won't get started until late Thursday morning. The flow of moisture will be switching: from a west to east flow to a sw flow..potentially tapping into tropical moisture
- This means mild temperatures (double digit highs for Fri/Sat) but also rising snow levels; above 1500 m. So rain for the mountain passes and local mountains starting tomorrow through Saturday
- Heavy rain will pick up tomorrow afternoon and persist through to Saturday morning..the interior will stay mainly dry though
- Right now it looks like the heaviest rain will fall over the south coast mountains for Friday but totals for Vancouver for the event will probably reach 100 mm.... much higher for the west coast of Vancouver Island. At last check with Environment Canada, widespread flooding was not a major concern...but we will be watching
- Saturday looks to see lingering showers but by Sunday into Monday we should finally get back into the sun.

Messy Storm Continues to Track East
- Yet another winter storm has blanketed much of Southern Ontario with significant snowfall
- The big difference with this storm is that the snow is very dense and wet so much heavier to shovel and clean up
- Heavy snow is still falling for eastern Ontario & now into southern Quebec where Ottawa & Montreal could see 15-30 cm by the end of the day
- Since the temperature was close to the freezing mark, snowfall amounts varied considerably:
Windsor: 11 cm, Kitchener area: 13-15 cm, Toronto - Pearson: 11 cm, Thornhill: 17 cm, Orangeville: 19 cm
- From Environment Canada: "Major impacts included difficult travel on many unplowed roads, as well as local ponding of water especially on urban streets where drains became blocked by dense snow. There have also be sporadic power outages due to snow-laden limbs falling on some power lines."
- The storm will also approach southern NB and slow right down. This means a prolonged period of precip to Southwestern New Brunswick Thursday into Thursday night. This will be mostly snow, but there will also be some rain or ice pellets and a risk of freezing rain near and along the Fundy coast.
- Current indications suggest that much of Southwestern New Brunswick will experience snowfall amounts in the 20 to 30 centimetre range up to Friday morning. Winter storm warning/watch is in effect

Smartphone fired into space to see if screams can be heard
- A smartphone has been blasted into orbit from India by a team of researchers from the University of Surrey.
- They hope to use a purpose-built app to test the theory, immortalised in the film Alien, that "in space no-one can hear you scream".
- The phone will play out several of the screams submitted by people online.
- The test will monitor the durability of standard commercial components in space and it will also test two new innovative propulsion systems.
- The mission will see the so-called "smartphone-sat" - a world first - orbit the Earth for six months.

Caught! Waterspout Comes Onshore in Tampa
- As a waterspout sped toward Tampa, Fla., yesterday, a quick-thinking weather watcher snapped the vacation photo of a lifetime.
- The photos show dark, stormy skies and water swirling above the bay. The waterspout came ashore as a tornado with 96 kph winds, according to a statement from the National Weather Service's Tampa Bay office.
- No injuries were reported, but damage included roofing, condo furniture, downed light poles and five vehicles, the NWS said.

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