A Good Soaking on the Way Tonight..Gusty Too...Feb 4th

A significant Pacific frontal system is approaching the south coast today. The cloud shield ahead of the system is already well in place across Vancouver along with the chance for a few more sprinkles this afternoon.

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Grey & brisk to start the week 

- The fronts are also bringing some gusty winds today... especially near the water. Gusts have already picked up to 30 km/h at yvr but will continue to increase this evening
- The rain will also begin overnight; a good 10 mm tonight with another 10-15 mm tomorrow is on tap
- On Wednesday, we will see another frontal system slide in for wet & windy weather..and a more showery system for Thursday
- Long range forecast shows things beginning to dry out for the end of the week
- As for temps we say fairly seasonal during the day (6,7 highs) and mild though the overnight (4,5 lows) for the next few days
- And all the rain over the next 24 hours means fresh heavy snow for the local mountains

Atlantic Canada Winds
- Strong winds have been hammering Atlantic Canada today with an approaching storm system. Gusts right now are beginning to ease for parts of the Maritimes (but are still gusting to 70 km/h) and are still going strong for Newfoundland (100 km/H)
- The major winter storm will move into Central Labrador late tonight and then continue moving northward throughout Tuesday.
- But the strong southeasterly flow over the island will continue to bring gusts between 80 and 110 km/h through this evening.
- As the low moves away tonight an even stronger southwesterly flow will push across the island with gusts generally reaching 100 to 120 km/h.
- Winds are expected to gradually subside across the island on Tuesday.
- Snow squalls are expected to develop in onshore southwesterly winds tonight and will persist on Tuesday. Local accumulations may reach 20 centimetres in the heaviest squalls tonight. These squalls combined with very strong winds will result in blowing snow and near zero visibilities.
- High waves and pounding surf along the coasts are also a big concern for some coastal erosion

Increases in Extreme Rainfall Linked to Global Warming
- In the most comprehensive review of changes to extreme rainfall ever undertaken, researchers have found that the intensity of the most extreme rainfall events is increasing across the globe as temperatures rise

The latest on Curiosity's Play-by-Play: Rock Hammering
- NASA's Curiosity rover has used its drill system for the first time to hammer into a flat slab of Martian rock to gather samples which will determine if the red planet once hosted life

Ok We Can All Go Home Now...Researchers isolate gene that reverses aging..
- Researchers have reversed aging in old mice by injecting them with a longevity gene and rejuvenating their stem cells' regenerative potential.
- The study by University of California-Berkeley biologists represents a major advance in understanding the molecular mechanisms behind aging, paving the way for the development of targeted treatments for age-related degenerative diseases.


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