A Few Showery Days Ahead...Before the Big Rain & Warm-up

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After a few patches of blue (if you looked really hard) clouds are increasing and showers are on the way.

Showers will develop this afternoon and become steadier later this evening before tapering off overnight as the cold front slides inland and south of us. Breezy SE winds will continue for the coast.

Look what I found this morning! It's gone now..

- A ridge of high pressure attempts to build in for tomorrow as we sit once again in between two systems, bringing mainly dry weather but I will keep the risk of showers in along with the clouds
- Wet weather returns Thursday along with higher snow levels as the next frontal system tracks in from the west. Mountains will see snow but at this point the passes look to get rain with the warmer air
- Friday will see even more rain with yet another Pacific frontal system with heavy rain on tap for the west coast of Vancouver Island. Rainfall warnings may be issued as we get closer to the forecast.
- We are getting into what we call an 'atmospheric river' for the end of the week; when the flow of moisture is coming in staright from the SW. A mini Pineapple Express if you will.. that means wet & mild. Double digit afternoon highs right throught weekend and freezing levels around 1500-2000 m. Quite Spring like.
Heavy Snow Set to Hit Southern Ontario
- The same system that brought heavy snow to Texas yesterday is tracking northeast towards the Great Lakes
- Precipitation well in advance of this winter storm will reach Southwestern Ontario this afternoon, then into the Greater Toronto and Hamilton areas this evening.
- The precip will start out as various sloppy mixtures of rain and wet snow at first. However as the storm centre gets closer, expect a changeover to all snow overnight across the regions as the temperature drops to the freezing mark. The changeover to all snow will be delayed though immediately along the shoreline of Lake Ontario as the mild waters there will help to keep thermometers just above freezing for a little longer than further inland or over higher ground.
- The snow will come down quite heavy at times especially overnight into Wednesday with peak snowfall rates of 2 to 5 cm per hour during the most intense part of this storm. Total snowfall amounts of 15 to 20 cm are likely by noon on Wednesday, although amounts near the Lake Ontario shore will be less. And this snow will be HEAVY. Power outages and downed trees not out of the question
- This storm will likely have a significant impact on travel especially Wednesday morning. Driving conditions will deteriorate quickly once the snow begins. Visibility may be reduced to less than 250 metres in very heavy snow. Untreated roads will quickly become snow covered and slippery. Travel plans should be altered accordingly.
- Snowfall warnings are already in place

Vulcan' and 'Cerberus' win online poll for naming Pluto's two new moons
-An online poll for suggesting names for Pluto's two unnamed moons was swept by 'Vulcan' and 'Cerberus' as polling closed on Monday.
- 'Vulcan' got 174,062 votes while 'Cerberus' came in second with 99,432 votes, according to the Los Angeles Times. More than 450,000 votes were cast in all, although this includes multiple voting. About half of the votes originated in the US while the rest came from people in almost every country of the world.

Russia meteor's origin tracked down
- Astronomers have traced the origin of a meteor that injured about 1,000 people after breaking up over central Russia earlier this month.
- Using amateur video footage, they were able to plot the meteor's trajectory through Earth's atmosphere and then reconstruct its orbit around the Sun.
- The results suggest the meteor belongs to a well known family of space rocks - known as the Apollo asteroids - that cross Earth's orbit. Of about 9,700 near-Earth asteroids discovered so far, about 5,200 are thought to be Apollos.
- Not sure if this has been peer reviewed.. but still interesting

Mars rover ingests rock powder for tests
- NASA scientists say two compact laboratories inside the Mars rover Curiosity have ingested the first rock powder ever collected from inside a martian rock.
- Curiosity science team members will use the laboratories to analyze the rock powder in the coming days and weeks

Fruit Flies Force Their Young to Drink Alcohol for Their Own Good
- The fruit fly study adds to the evidence "that using toxins in the environment to medicate offspring may be common across the animal kingdom,"
- When fruit flies sense parasitic wasps in their environment, they lay their eggs in an alcohol-soaked environment, essentially forcing their larvae to consume booze as a drug to combat the deadly wasps
- And there you have it folks

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