Wet Weekend Ahead.. Mild Temps Though...Jan 4th

Light drizzle the story for most of metro Vancouver through the overnight and into this morning. A few reports of wet snow at elevation but temps at yvr stayed above zero by a couple degrees.

Low cloud but no fog this morning looking out at the North Shore

- High pressure will attempt to build back in today from the south in between last night's system and Saturday's rain-maker
- This means a drier second half to the Friday. And areas east of Burnaby may even see a few late day sunny breaks
- By earlier Saturday morning though showers are back in advance of a Pacific low pressure system. Steadier rain will begin late morning and continue in pulses through to Sunday. Afternoon temps are in the seasonal 5-6 range but overnight lows will remain mild only dropping a few degrees 
- Long range pattern continues to look soggy as a ridge over the NE Pacific helps to direct systems into the south coast through midweek. By the end of the week we nay get into some cooler air with dropping snow levels
Toronto Gets Jolt of 3D Lightning Technology
- A team of Environment Canada employees has been searching empty fields around the GTA recently, scouting potential sites for up to a dozen sensors that will be part of Canada's first system for producing 3D maps of lightning.
- With help from experts from New Mexico, their experimental research could lead to more accurate storm prediction.

Mars meteorite has significant water
- NASA says a small meteorite, possibly the first discovered from the martian surface, contains 10 times more water than meteorites that later originated on Mars.
- Scientists have spent a year studying the meteorite found in 2011 in the Sahara Desert and have determined it formed 2.1 billion years ago during the beginning of the most recent geologic period on Mars, known as the Amazonian, the space agency reported Thursday.

New location system could compete with GPS
- A positioning technology that could compete with satellite-based global positioning systems can work indoors as well as out, its Australian developers say.
- Instead of satellites, the Locata system uses ground-based equipment to broadcast a radio signal over a localized area that is a million times stronger on arrival than GPS.
- Companies such as Google and Nokia have been working on technology to guide users around shopping malls or in building-shrouded city centers where GPS signals cannot penetrate...small and cheap enough for use in smartphones within five years.
Double Feature Meteor Shower
- There are two metor showers in progress: The annual Quadrantid meteor shower, peaked on Jan. 3rd and should be finished--but maybe not. "The Canadian Meteor Orbit Radar (CMOR) is still seeing strong Quadrantid activity," reports Prof. Peter Brown of the University of Western Ontario.
- The January Leonid shower is also peaking today.....it is quite strong (10 meteors per hour)

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