Storm Recap & Chilly (but Clear) Forecast Ahead...Jan 9th

Our stormy system is finally exiting the province this afternoon after bringing record rain, heavy snow and gusty winds to much of the southern province.

Total snowfall as of 6 am below. But parts of eastern Vancouver Island also saw 5+cm before changing over to rain yesterday.

Central Okanagan           5-10 cm except 15 cm in Winfield
North Okanagan, Shuswap & North Thompson   10-15 cm
Princeton                  15 cm
Boston Bar and Lytton      25-30 cm
Coquihalla summit          62 cm    (heavy snow still falling)
Allison Pass               28 cm    (heavy snow still falling)
Revelstoke                 19 cm
Nakusp                     11 cm
Golden                     15 cm
Blue River                 15 cm

Rainfall totals are as follows: (Victoria, Vancouver, Chilliwack & Abbotsford broke daily rainfall records)
Metro Vancouver         25-52 mm  (White Rock had the most)
Greater Victoria        32-64 mm 
Malahat                 77 mm
Southern Gulf Islands   30-50 mm
Squamish                7 cm of snow then 51 mm of rain
Whistler                36 cm of snow
Fraser Valley - west    39-55 mm
Fraser Valley - east    43-78 mm
East Vancouver Island   ranging from near 20 mm north to 53 mm south (also local reports of 5 cm of snow)
Sicamous Snow Yesterday! Thanks @loudmouthpastor

- Also, the system brought as much as 60 cm of snow to the Coquihalla summit with heavy snow continuing today. Another 20 cm is possible this afternoon for the Coq & Allison Pass before tapering tonight as the system tracks east
- This does mean heavy snow will start for the Kootenay Pass & Rogers Pass- your turn! 15 to 25 cm can be expected by this
evening. Driving conditions on these highways are treacherous
- An arctic airmass is now set to move down across the province tonight and tomorrow. Today YVR may see a few showers but generally a clear day with temps staying mild until the overnight
- High pressue will settle in for tomorrow keeping skies sunny through to Saturday but with NE winds, temps will fall to below zero for the overnight right through to at least early next week. Arctic air will continue to filter down Friday/Saturday looking to only just get above zero in the afternoon after falling to -4/-5 through the overnight
- A disturbance still looks to being the possibility of flurries to metro Vancouver Staurday...but pattern clears right back up for Sunday into next week
Newfoundland Good Ol Winter Storm
- Now it's the other coasts turn to get a blast of winter: blizzard warnings are in place for much of the rock including all of the Avalon & St John's
- A low pressure system is set to develop near Prince Edward Island early Thursday morning. This low will begin to intensify as it tracks south of Newfoundland Thursday night, and is then expected to drift slowly southeastward over the Grand Banks on Friday.
- Snow is forecast to develop tomorrow morning and amounts are expected to reach 10 to 15 centimetres by Thursday evening. Winds will strengthen during the day resulting in blowing snow..up to 100 km/h

Saturn's moon Titan's lakes covered with hydrocarbon ice blocks
- Scientists on NASA's Cassini mission have claimed to have found blocks of hydrocarbon ice decorating the surface of existing lakes and seas of liquid hydrocarbon on Saturn's moon Titan.
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One of the most intriguing questions about these lakes and seas is whether they might host an exotic form of life
Rogue geoengineering could 'hijack' world's climate
- Techniques aimed at averting global warming could lead to an unpredictable international crisis, a report from the World Economic Forum has warned
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