Some Sun Today! Between Two Systems Again...Jan 25th

After a rainy and gusty evening, morning showers have given way to a break in the clouds.. Actually catching some good sun right across the south coast today. Temps up to our forecasted high of 8 today..

Sun, glorious sun!

- The next system will arrive late tonight into tomorrow morning
- Saturday's system is followed by a series of disturbances sliding down from an Alaskan low..meaning at least changce of showers in the forecast through early next week
- A cooler airmass will follow the disturbances so snow levels will drop over the next couple of days. Some good mountain snow
- But daytime temperatures will stay near normal (5-6 degrees) through to next week

Mars rover snaps first nighttime photo
- NASA says its Mars Curiosity rover has taken its first nighttime photos of the Red Planet's surface, using both white and ultraviolet lights of its instruments.
- Scientists used the rover's Mars Hand Lens Imager instrument for a close-up nighttime look at a rock target called "Sayunei," in an area where Curiosity's front left wheel had scuffed the rock to provide fresh, dust-free materials to examine

Warning raised for New Zealand volcano
- The White Island volcano is showing an increasing level of unrest, causing the government's Institute of Geological and Nuclear Sciences to raise its aviation alert code Thursday from yellow to orange, indicating an increased likelihood of eruption
-Explosions and ash emissions began at White Island in August and activity has been increasing since about Jan. 14, scientists said, with increased hydrothermal activity in the island's "hot lake."

Snow Squalls for Southern Ontario
- An Alberta clipper is giving a light snowfall to the region today but winds ahead of the clipper are helping to propel a snow squall over parts of York region
-  Radar indicates a snowfall intensity of 2-3 cm per hr with associated poor visibilities less than 200 metres. We could see totals close to 15 cm for Durham region by tonight
- Not a very good b-day present for me dad! Better flying weather on the way ;)
Dung beetles guided by Milky Way...Actually a Very Interesting Discovery!
- The dung beetle is the first animal proven to use the Milky Way for orientation
- African dung beetles have eyes too weak to distinguish individual constellations but can use the gradient of light to dark provided by the Milky Way to ensure they keep rolling their dung balls in a straight line and avoid circling back to competitors at the dung pile, Swedish and South African scientists report in the journal Current Biology

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