Soggy Outlook...Lots of Mountain Pass & Interior Snow...Jan 23rd

Our Pacific frontal system has made it's way onshore this morning bringing light rain to metro Vancouver as well as milder temperatures.

This is the first front in almost 2 weeks and has put an end to the high pressure rain that also came with an inversion and foggy mornings.


- The front will continue to track eastward today: snow has started in Kelowna about 3 hours ago and will contonue through the evening with 5-10 cm accumulation for most of the southern mountain passes as well. Higher amounts for the Kooteny Pass where snowfall warnings are in place
- The rain should taper off later this afternoon to showers..and the break in the rain should continue through most of Thursday
- However the next Pacific frontal system will roll on in for Thu night, and additional systems will persist through to early next week
- Temps will remain mild for the week.. afternoon highs between 5-7 and overnights only dropping to 2-4 degrees
Arctic Air Keeps on Keeping on..But Short Break in Sight
- The arctic airmass has now settled down across Saskatchewan, Manitoba, down to southern Ontario and across to Atlantic Canada
- Wind chill warnings in effect again tonight for much of eastern Canada 
 - The airmass will begin to retreat beginning in the west starting tomorrow. Alberta & Saskatchewan will warm up a good 10 degrees tomorrow. And the 10 degree warm-up will come for MB & ON for the weekend; Atlantic Canada early next week
- However, even with a 10 degree warm-up temps will still be below seasonal with afternoon highs in the minus.
- And long range models show a new Arctic outbreak starting in the west and spreading east next week
- Cool pictures of ice in Chicago after firefightes battle flames & ice
Coming soon, the car that runs on air:
- Peugeot Citroen unveil new hybrid (and it's cheaper than a Prius)
- Ready for the market by 2016: 'Hybrid Air' engine system runs on petrol and air, instead of electricity
- Company predicts 'Hybrid Air' to achieve 117 miles per gallon by 2020
Foul-Smelling Cloud Drifts Over France, Alarming Residents
- The cloud, officials said, was one of a group of substances called mercaptans, foul-smelling but largely harmless chemicals -- at low doses, at any rate. It had escaped from a chemical plant near the northern city of Rouen.

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