Rain in the Forecast...Uh Next Wednesday!...Jan 17th

After dropping down to a -3 last night, the morning has started off chilly but beautiful. Low lying inlet fog with blues skies above.

Our strong Pacific ridge holds firm right through to early next week. This means dry weather, lots of blue sky and warming temps as winds shift for the weekend.

laying low.jpg
'Laying Low' in Gastown

-Afternoon highs today and tomorrow nay still only get up to the 4/5 degree range with overnight lows still dropping below zero. And while morning fog is still on tap tomorrow, afternoons looking pretty sunny.
- The strong inversion also continues, so warm on the slopes, but some air quality issues for the valleys.
- As the ridge flattens out and shift east, warmer temps into the 7/8 range for Sat- Tues
- The shift will also finally let a Pacific frontal system in; Wednesday looks to get the rain
- The last precip YVR saw was that morning drizzle on the 14th. If this stretch of dry weather holds as the current models indicate..we could be looking at more than a week of dry skies before the Wed rain arrives
- Seattle by the by, is currently on a dry streak that would take them to 12 days by nxt Wed...a record for the 2nd longest Jan spell on record

Arctic Air Round 1 or 2 Arrives in Toronto Today
- Wind Chill Warnings in place for much of central Canada..and the first wave of cold air will bring Toronto down to a -7 as an afternoon high today...a slight recovery for the weekend but then a new and even colder surge gets in for Monday
- Atlantic Canada will get into the 10-15 temp drop for tomorrow

A New Space Station Pod, That Folds Like a Shirt and Inflates Like a Balloon
- An inflatable space pod to be attached to the International Space Station in a couple of years will be like no other piece of the station: Instead of metal, its walls will be made of floppy cloth, making it easier to launch (and then inflate).
- NASA said Wednesday that it had signed a $17.8 million contract with Bigelow Aerospace to build the module, which could reach the space station as soon as 2015.

Sending Money By Text Coming to Britain
- A service to let smartphone users text money to each other by just sharing their phone numbers will launch in Britain in the spring of 2014

Scottish Storms Uncover Ancient Iron Age Skeleton
- Storms eroding a cliff in Scotland revealed a human skeleton experts said was probably 2,000 years old, dating from the Iron Age.

'Dark snow' project turns to 'crowdfunding' for Greenland expedition
- I think this is a really cool story..potential for future research to be funded by the public? Potential for more rogue science?
- There is already big buzz in the arts, media and beyond about the potential of crowdfunding to finance projects that might others have remained an unfulfilled dream. To date, though, few scientific expeditions have successfully utilised crowd-funding.
- Researchers seek $150,000 in donations to fund trip to ice sheet to better understand climatic impact of black carbon

US Environmental/Politics Story
- With Interior Secretary Ken Salazar's announcement Wednesday that he intends to resign, the Obama administration finds itself in exactly the same place it was four years ago: looking to fill the three most important environmental posts in the federal government.
- The Interior Department, the Environmental Protection Agency and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration all have openings at the top, while the administration has a limited amount of time to press a second-term environmental agenda before the next election cycle begins.
- http://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/salazar-departure-leaves-green-posts-vacant/2013/01/16/dab486bc-5ff8-11e2-9940-6fc488f3fecd_story.html

This is -Disgusting- But it Just Might Work to Cure C-Difficile Baceria
- Transplanting feces from a healthy person into the gut of one who is sick can quickly cure severe intestinal infections caused by a dangerous type of bacteria that antibiotics often cannot control
- A new study finds that such transplants cured 15 of 16 people who had recurring infections with Clostridium difficile bacteria

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