Once More into the Fog...Wet Snow Starts Tonight...Rain Ahead..Jan 22nd

Another very foggy start across Vancouver.. and with temps getting down to -2 this morning at YVR, a little but of a wind meant wind chill factors were in the -4 area. Ice fog was also reported at YVR for several hours this morning (tiny ice crystals suspended in the air)

Crab Park in the ice fog

- Although the next weather maker is quickly approaching, the surface high pressure system is still in place so our temperature inversions till exists; 5 degrees and sunny right now at the peak of Grouse. The inversion will likely remain in place for tomorrow morning as well
- We are just starting to see the fog lift for some areas..some may catch a glimpse of the sun but it will be a mainly cloudy afternoon
- Showers will start overnight for the lower mainland...and it might start off as wet snow overnight before temps begin to warm up
- There is not a lot of rain in the forecast though with this system as it fights to get through the inversion
- The next rain-maker moves in Thursday evening... next one after that Friday...and this pattern will continue right through to early next week
- Temps will climb back up to seasonal though starting tomorrow afternoon
NFLD Canada Snow Storm
- A low pressure system tracking just south of NS is intensifying as it tracks east of the Avalon tonight
- Snow had been falling for the past 10 hours at St. John's airport picking up 10 cm already. Near 20 cm of total snow is expected over the Avalon Peninsula with lesser amounts further west.
- Behing the system, cold and strong westerly winds will continue to bring snowsqualls to the west coast along with zero visibilities tonight and through tomorrow.
Toronto Talking About..the Cold
- Our arctic airmass remains locked in place for almost 2/3rds of the country... parts of northern Alberta..SK, MB, and through northern ON & QB, Labrador; windchills will hover around the -45 range
- Cold air has filtered down to Toronto...wind chills have been in the -25 range all day and it looks like this could be the coldest day of the season for Toronto...since Jan 2 of last year.
- Those brisk NW winds are also producing snowsqualls....warnings in place for the usual suspects along the shores but even Toronto dealing with very low visibility as the snow squall bands line up with the city
New venture 'to mine asteroids'
- A new venture is joining the effort to extract mineral resources on asteroids. The announcement of plans by Deep Space Industries to exploit the rare metals present in the space rocks turns asteroid mining into a two-horse race.
- The other venture, Planetary Resources, went public with its proposals last year.
- Advocates of asteroid mining hope it could turn into a trillion-dollar business, but some scientists are highly sceptical of the idea.
'Quadruple helix' DNA seen in human cells
- Cambridge University scientists say they have seen four-stranded DNA at work in human cells for the first time.
- The famous "molecule of life", which carries our genetic code, is more familiar to us as a double helix. But researchers tell the journal Nature Chemistry that the "quadruple helix" is also present in our cells, and in ways that might possibly relate to cancer.
- They suggest that control of the structures could provide novel ways to fight the disease.

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