Nice Break This Am...Couple of Rainy Days Ahead...Dry Fri/Sat...Jan 29th

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After a dry but grey start to the Tuesday, light drizzle has just started again at YVR. The full-on rain though is still a few hours away (probably after 3pm ish) with the next round of moisture brought on by the northerly, onshore flow

greean ands grey.jpg
Grey & Green

-The airmass is warmer than the last couple of days so snow levels rising..temps steady near 6 today but getting up to 9 by Friday
- Wet weather will prevail through this evening..through Wednesday and much of Thursday as well
- More showery weather for Thursday but by Friday & Saturday our offshore ridge moves inland meaning drier weather chance for some sun and warmer temps
- Next couple of days rain for us will mean heavy mountain snow

Record Breaking Temps & T-storms for Southern Ontario/Quebec
- Warm air from the Gulf of Mexico is being ushered into southern Ontario by a low pressure system that is first bringing fog and freezing rain to the region
- Freezing rain warnings are in place for eastern Ontario, Quebec & parts of the Maritimes as the warm air continues to override the cooler ground. Ottawa & Montreal may see patchy freezing rain persist into this evening
- The warm and then cold fronts of this systems are very sharp so temps across southern Ontario will be going on a roller coaster ride over the next few days
- Today, temps will climb into the high single digits...Windsor has already broken a daily temp record at 11 degrees
- Tomorrow, even warmer air arrives boosting temps to the 10-15 degree range making it feel like Spring
- Winter will return quickly with brisk winds by Thursday in the wake of the cold front; back to minus highs for the end of the week into the weekend
- Heavy rainfall along with localized thunderstorms may also pop up today and tonight..already saw some thunderstorms move through London in the past few hours

Meanwhile the Second Arctic Outbreak Continues it's Invasion
- A cold front moving across Southern Saskatchewan this morning has produced strong winds and blowing snow with near zero visibilities
- It is also leading the charge of the Arctic air...that dropped temps across Alberta yesterday -20 degrees. Extreme wind chill values are now occurring across much of Alberta and wind chill warnings are in place: it feel close to -40 in Edmonton right now
- The cold air will move into Manitoba Thursday and will help drop temps again in Ontario/Quebec for the weekend

Team drills into lake under antarctic ice
- A U.S. research team reported Monday they had reached a massive lake beneath the West Antarctic Ice Sheet by melting holes through half a mile of ice.
- They collected water and sediment from the lake, samples that could answer questions about the region, one of Earth's final frontiers.
- It marked the first time clean samples had been successfully retrieved from a subglacial lake in Antarctica, researchers said.

Google Maps North Korea
- Today Google Maps application added information for North Korea, which has been blank since it started providing maps online and for mobile devices eight years ago, and included outlines of some of the country's notorious, city-sized prison camps.
- The information for the North Korea map was added by people who are interested in the country under a Google development program called Map Maker, a collaborative effort that has become known as guys know I love stories connected to crowd-sourcing. This is really becoming a big newsmaker on many different levels

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