Messy Start to the Week..Cold & (Relatively Dry) Ahead...Jan 14th

After a beautiful, but cold, weekend a weak disturbance imbedded in the otherwise dry northerly flow has brought a messy start to the week!

Light drizzle has been reported all morning long at YVR but for much of metro Vancouver it is falling as wet snow..and sticking too. With temps still hovering around zero black ice and slippery roads have been a big problem this morning.

Freezing drizzle mixed with wet snow will likely continue through to the evening the drive home could be just as tricky.


- High pressure, believe it or not, does still prevail though this week for mainly dry weather. And although temps will stay cold for most of the week...looks like we start to warm up by Friday
- Also looks like Vancouver gets into a strong inversion set-up Tue-Wed...and beyond. This means warmer up on the slopes but colder air aloft to mix down to ground level. We could be looking at -5 or colder overnight lows tomorrow night... black ice will continue to be a concern in the mornings

Cross-Country Cool-Down
- After parts of southern Ontario & Quebec got into the mid teens yesterday (breaking daily temps records for many), temps have dropped a good 15 degrees today..and back to the freezing mark
- A cold airmass is filtering east across the country... getting into SK & MB today with minus double digit highs..tracking into southern Ontario for Wed/Thu with afternoon highs not getting much above -5
- The cold air will continue into the Maritimes for the end of the week

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