Get Through the Fog Tonight & Tomorrow Morning..And Sunny Breaks Will Be Yours...Jan 31st

Our morning rain with the latest warm front to slide on with our onshore flow is already starting to taper out across metro Vancouver - Fog is filling in though..likely lingering for the next couple of hours

This guy likes the rain & fog

- The drying trend will continue today..and in fact, it still looks good for our high pressure to build in over the region for tomorrow & Saturday
- There is a nice little hole in the clouds opening up across southern Vancouver Island..seeing some sunny breaks already for Victoria
- Fog patches will develop again tonight and linger tomorrow morning but we should see some sunny breaks for the lower mainland tomorrow afternoon...and a mix of sun and cloud at this point Saturday
- Temps should bump up to 9 tomorrow and stay mild over the weekend
- Back to showers Sunday and early next week though

Severe Winds Eastern Canada
- A couple of sharp cold fronts behind our Colorado low (same one thought brought record breaking temps to Southern Ontario yesterday & same one that brought the tornadoes to the states) are now sweeping across eastern Canada
- Wind warnings are in place across parts of Ontario, Quebec, the Maritimes and Atlantic Canada..basically all of the eastern half of Canada for very strong winds in the wake of the sharp arctic front
- Already today parts of southern Quebec, Ontario & parts of the Maritimes have seen wind gusts over 100 km/h incl >80 km/h for Montreal..that has already led to power outages & wind damage..seeing the worst of it along the St Lawrence where the strong SW winds are getting funnelled in the valley
- The first cold front is now moving into the Maritimes while the second is just moving into Quebec..hense the longer duration of severe winds
- Wind will diminish this afternoon for Ontario,
- Eastern Quebec and the Maritimes will continue to experience >100 km/h winds..upwards of 130 km/h through this evening before subsiding tomorrow
- The winds will reach Newfound and tonight, easing during the day tomorrow
- Behind the cold front, temps are also dropping dramatically so slippery roads and ice-ups also a concern along with the damagin winds
- Cool NASA satellite shot of the massive cold front: T-storm watches still happening for the US eastern seaboard as well as flight delays for the major hubs

NASA to Launch Ocean Wind Monitor to Space Station
- In a clever reuse of hardware originally built to test parts of NASA's QuikScat satellite, the agency will launch an instrument to the International Space Station in 2014 to measure ocean surface wind speed and direction
- The ISS-RapidScat instrument will help improve weather forecasts, including hurricane monitoring, and understanding of how ocean-atmosphere interactions influence Earth's climate.

Sea Shepherd intercepts whaling fleet before Southern Ocean hunt
- Antiwhaling activist group Sea Shepherd said Wednesday it had intercepted the Japanese fleet in its annual Southern Ocean hunt "before a single harpoon has been fired."
- Sea Shepherd claims to have saved the lives of 4,000 whales over the past eight whaling seasons with ever-greater campaigns of harassment against the Japanese harpoon fleet.

For Tomorrow..10 yr Anniversary of Loss of Space Shuttle Columbia



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A mix of sun and cloud






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A mix of sun and cloud