Foggy Below, Blue Above.... Rain Returns Tomorrow

I survived the English Bay Polar Bear Swim! I literally did the proverbial jump into the New Year...along with 2000+ others. Good fun and yes I am finally back up to normal temperature.

That's the look of pure enjoyment

YVR got down to it's coldest overnight low this season at -3. Some frost on the roads this am along with the fog.

A strong ridge over BC will keep the south coast dry today...and if you can get above the fog then sunny too! But thick fog still hanging on in the valleys through the early afternoon. Temps tonight will once again plummet under the clear skies.

Gastown fog 10 am

- The ridge has also been keeping a Pacific system at bay, but the front will finally push through tomorrow afternoon. The top end of the system has already been bringing snow to Terrace; snowfall warnings still in place for up to 30 cm by tomorrow morning
- Thursday may start off sunny but by noon the clouds will roll in and by late afternoon rain will make it's way across the lower mainland
- Skies attempt to dry back out for Friday..but still cloudy and with risk of showers
- Back to rain for the weekend at this point but temps warming back up to seasonal for the end of the week so risk of frosty roads until then
Environment Canada's Winter Outlook
- EC has released their Jan-March outlook for the country...most of the country looks seasonal for temps but the big exception is east coast and Great Lakes where temps may come in above normal
- With no strong El Nino/La Nina in place I will look into the other features that may offer clues into our winter for News Network tonight
Eastern Canada Chill
- Most of eastern Canada today is below seasonal but at least 5 degrees..with wind chills most major cities from Toronto through to St John's will feel like the minus double digits today... slow recovery will begin tomorrow
- Meanhwile most of western Canada will catch a little bit of a break starting tomorrow with temps (while still near zero) are well above the normally frigid January highs
Moon May Outshine Quadrantid Meteor Shower Tonight
- One of the best displays of "shooting stars" will peak overnight tonight and early Thursday morning (Jan. 3), but unfortunately will run into some stiff competition this year from a bright moon.
- The celestial fireworks display is the Quadrantid meteor shower which kicks off the annual meteor shower schedule every January. The moon is still quite bright after a Dec 28th full moon but much of the country is looking at clear skies so a good show not out of the question
And for Later This Year: 'Comet of the century' likely to dazzle the night sky
- The 2013 sky might just get lit by a comet that shines brighter than the moon. The comet Ison, titled 'comet of the century' by astronomy enthusiasts the world over, is being touted as the brightest ever in the history of the universe. It could also be the most watched comet of all times, if it survives its close encounter with the sun, that is.
- Astronomers only just discovered the comet back in September and if it survives it's close pass to the sun we should be able to see it October 2013 through January 2014

2012 May Challenge Records for Low Tornado Count in the US
- Following a notoriously active and deadly tornado year in 2011, the low number of tornadoes in 2012 may go down in the record books.
The number of tornadoes in January, February and March 2012 climbed above normal. However, in April, typically the most active month for severe weather in the U.S., there was a below-normal number of tornadoes
Norovirus cases exceed 1m this winter
- The Wagstaffe's can confirm this virus sucks! Watch for the Vancouver story tonight on the local show but this is also very much a global concern.
- More than 1.1 million people in Britain have succumbed to the norovirus vomiting disease so far this winter, and health officials expect cases to jump higher after a dip over Christmas and the New Year. The Health Protection Agency (HPA) said cases of the highly contagious disease have risen earlier than expected this winter - a trend also seen across Europe, Japan and other parts of the world.

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