Between Weather Systems Today: Next Round of Rain Starts Tonight...Jan 24th

Other than an early morning shower, skies are fairly dry across metro Vancouver following yesterday's rainy day.

"We're gonna need a bigger boat"

- The front continued to move through to the southern interior yesterday bringing significant snowfall:

Revelstoke                   24
Blue River                   17
Sparwood                     11
Castlegar                     9
Golden                        7
Fernie                        7
Vernon                        6

- The next frontal system is already approaching the North Coast today. Ahead of this system, southeast winds of 80 to 100 km/h will develop this afternoon across Haida Gwaii, north and Central Coastal sections and North Vancouver Island. Wind warnings are in place until this evening
- Rain with this next system will spread onto the coast late in the day, likely starting after 3 pm and for the commute home. This system looks stronger than yesterday's; winds will be gusty for metro Vancouver tonight
- As the frontal system stalls out on the coast..the rain will continue through to tomorrow morning..but most of Friday is looking showery rather than a wash-out
- Another system will arrive on Saturday..and another Saturday night will also bring dropping snow levels Sun-Mon

A Relative Warm-up Begins..And Comes With Snow
- The Arctic airmass is beginning to retreat starting in AB today; Calgary up to 3 degrees after a -11 high yesterday... and SK & MB will enjoy a 10 degree warmer weekend (but still cold)
- The low pressure system that marks the boundary between the airmasses is tracking across Southern Saskatchewan and bringing snow and blowing snow to much of the province today...and into MB tonight
- Total accumulations of 10 cm or so can be expected by this evening but blowing snow with strng winds may make for trecherous driving contiosn esepcially on teh Yellowhear highway tonight
- By the weekend Toronto will be out of the minus doubloe digits and by early next week so will southern QCV and Atlantic Canada
- Next Arctic outbreak to start early next week moving from west to east once again

Orion star heads for cosmic collision
- Betelgeuse, a star in the constellation Orion, appears to be headed for a crash with a cosmic "wall" in 5,000 years, European astronomers say
- Betelgeuse, already swelled into a red supergiant and shedding a significant fraction of its outer layers, is likely on its way to a spectacular supernova explosion

Asian monsoons can be predicted, A New Study Finds
- U.S. researchers say it may be possible to predict summer monsoon rainfall and tropical storms that greatly impact the agriculture, economy and people in Asia.
- Scientists working at the International Pacific Research Center say they've made a breakthrough for predicting in advance both the summer monsoon rainfall over East Asia and the number of tropical storms affecting East Asian coastal areas.
- Both the monsoon and the storms in the western North Pacific are controlled by fluctuations in the Western Pacific Subtropical High, a major atmospheric circulation system in the global subtropics centered over the Philippine Sea

Massive earthquakes came as surprise
- Scientists say some recent massive earthquakes surprised them because the Pacific locations weren't thought capable of producing earthquakes of their magnitude.
- The massive Tohoku, Japan, earthquake in 2011 and the Sumatra-Andaman superquake in 2004 occurred in regions scientists had thought incapable of producing a megathrust earthquake with a magnitude exceeding 8.4.
- These events have led scientists to question if existing predictive models looking at maximum earthquake size are valid; past global estimates of earthquake potential were constrained by short historical records and even shorter instrumental records, they said, and scientists need to investigate longer paleoseismic records.

Heart-Warming Science Story of the Day
- Deformed Dolphin Accepted Into New Whale Family
- Lone dolphin with spinal deformity travels among a group of sperm whales..

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