A Fine Looking 5-Day Forecast if I do Say So Myself

Another cloudy and cool start to the day. YVR temps dropped down to zero last night...Warmer air being directed up and over the south coast so Fort Nelson hit 10.8 degrees yesterday. But the really impressive stat is that the seasonal there is -17 and the old record set 1984 was only -2.6!

We should get up to 4 degrees today with maybe a brief appearance by the sun...generally an overcast but dry day though.

Toque Day

-High pressure continues to dominate right through to early next week! This will generally mean dry weather in the forecast. But shifting winds as the high pressure centre sinks south and east, will warm things up by weeks end
- With such a stable air pattern and an inversion in place, temps will continue to be warmer on the mountains than at ground level. Skiing at the local mountains will be awesome over the next couple of days- above the clouds and mild. Avalanche risk for back-country considerable though

Cypress this morning! By: @ParkerWalsh

-Overnight lows for Vancouver will drop down below zero tonight and again Thu night w afternoon highs around 4 degrees
- Air quality still dropping though with the stagnant air pattern
- But by Friday, as the ridge begins to flatten out, temps will get back up to a seasonal 6 and into the 7s for the weekend. Plus there is more sunshine for the weekend and into early next week.
- Basically this is a gem of a forecast
40 degree Temperature Contrast Across the Prairies
- The very sharp arctic boundary sitting across Saskatchewan continues to divide temperatures dramatically
- It will be another record breaking day for mild temps in southern Alberta
- Meanwhile Winnipeg wont get above -24 this afternoon: -35 with the wind chill!
- The cold air is still tracking east. Toronto's afternoon high for Sunday & Monday is around -8!
Climate change: Soot's role underestimated, says study
- Black carbon, or soot, is making a much larger contribution to global warming than previously recognised, according to research.
- Scientists say that particles from diesel engines and wood burning could be having twice as much warming effect as assessed in past estimates.
- They say it ranks second only to carbon dioxide as the most important climate-warming agent.
New sunspots producing space weather
- On Jan. 13, 2013, the sun erupted with an Earth-directed coronal mass ejection or CME. Not to be confused with a solar flare, a CME is a solar phenomenon that can send solar particles into space and reach Earth one to three days later. Auroras will be high for the end of the week

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