Snow For Some! Nice, But Sunny, Chilly Saturday for Most

The general westerly flow brought a few rounds of showers this morning but look for things to clear up this afternoon. Winds are a little gusty though..
By tonight, winds will turn more northwesterly, dropping temps to zero and snow levels to below 400 m.
This means snow...for some.... it's really just wet flurries over higher terrain. So usual suspects...norther shore, Eastern Fraser Valley, maybe top of Burnaby...and it really won't start until after midnight.

It's Open House today here at CBC! The weather ladies: Zahra Alani & Simone Grewal rocking the green screen with me

- Saturday not look too bad...cloudy start but some good sun by the afternoon though- cold though.. Afternoon high of 5 if we are luvky
- Sunday looks soggy, before a dry Monday. A stringer low pressure arrives for a wash-out Tuesday
- We could see some locally heavy mountain snow so this is great news for the mountains..especially after a mild start
7.3 Earthquake off Japan Triggers meter-high Tsunami
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- The plate boundary region surrounding the December 7, 2012 earthquake hosts moderate to large earthquakes fairly regularly - 12 events of M7 or larger have occurred within 250 km of this earthquake over the past 40 years...still looking into it but this in itself may have been an aftershock of the March 2011 

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Chance of showers






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