Look to Tomorrow YVR...Plus: Proof of Noah's Ark & What You Mssed While Eating Breakfast

A cold front is sweeping across the south coast this morning bringing rain, mountain snow and breezy conditions. Temps have also dropped a degree or two in the last hour with shifting winds.

Generally, metro Vancouver will see the rain ease after 2 or 3 pm but risk of showers this afternoon


- We may see lingering clouds tomorrow morning, but clearing out to blue skies for the second half of Wednesday
- A series of fronts will then line-up for Thursday into the weekend meaning wet and cool weather
- It seems like we get into a bit of a rhythm with big systems arriving every other day, with more showery type weather in between.

Year's best meteor shower peaks this week
-  A bright meteor shower, the Geminids, will grace skies worldwide this week, with a peak in activity on Thursday (Dec. 13).
- http://www.cbsnews.com/8301-205_162-57558444/years-best-meteor-shower-peaks-this-week/
Antarctica Scientists to Probe for Life Under Two Miles of Ice
- British scientists plan to start drilling in Antarctica tomorrow in their quest to discover whether life exists in a lake that's been isolated for hundreds of thousands of years 3 kilometers (2 miles) below the ice.
- http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2012-12-11/antarctica-team-to-probe-for-life-under-two-miles-of-ice.html

Noah's Ark Great Flood May Have Happened
- The Great Flood as featured in the Biblical story of Noah's Ark may have happened, according to Robert Ballard, the underwater archaeologist who found the Titanic.
- After an exursian to the Black Sea, onc believed to be an isolated freshwater lake, they did not find the Ark, but they found an ancient shoreline which Mr Ballard believes is proof such an event did take place. He believes that, by using carbon dating shells found along the shoreline, it took place around 5,000 BC.
- http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/newstopics/howaboutthat/9736619/Noahs-Ark-Great-Flood-may-have-happened-says-Robert-Ballard.html

Newly discovered small asteroid just misses Earth; next up is much bigger 12/12/12 asteroid
- Tomorrow Earth will have a relatively close encounter with the huge (nearly three miles long) 4179 Toutatis asteroid, expected to pass within 4 million miles of Earth. As the author of this story puts it, "On the scale of the cosmos, that is a very close shave."
- But if you think that's too close for comfort, how about an asteroid passing within just 140,000 miles (only 60% of the distance between the Earth and moon) of our planet? Guess what?... already happened earlier this morning.
- http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/capital-weather-gang/post/newly-discovered-small-asteroid-just-misses-colliding-with-earth-next-up-is-much-bigger-121212-asteroid/2012/12/11/51048aae-43a4-11e2-9648-a2c323a991d6_blog.html#pagebreak

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