It`s All About the Winds Tonight..Plus What Curiosity Found on Mars, What Winter Holds & What Life Might be Like Without Satellites

After a soggy week and Saturday....we are in a bit of a break from the parade of storms hammering the west coast. The next low pressure system will move across the south coast tonight.

Wind warnings are in effect for metro Vancouver, the Sunshine Coast and West & East Vancouver Island for 70 km/h gusting to 90 km/h..really ramping up after midnight and easing tomorrow morning as the system passes


- Not a bad start to the day though, even some sunny breaks but rain with the next low will start this afternoon. 15-25 mm through the overnight with the winds before easing to showers tomorrow morning. And then afternoon sunny breaks possible
- The same moist southwest flow will continue to produce heavy snow today over the Coquihalla Highway & Kootenya Pass.  So far an estimated accumulation of 20 cm has fallen since Sunday night. Additional amounts of 15 cm are expected.  The heavy snow will taper off in the afternoon.
- Double digit afternoon highs and mild overnights for Mon & Tues but cooler air will filter down for Wed onward to Sun along with a more showery pattern. Mountain snow levels will fall below the passes as well beginning snow for the local mountains!
- The US west coast as taken a beating as well as the same train of moisture slide up the coast: 60 mm of rain, at least 100 cm of snow, and 200 km/h winds to parts of California, Oregon and Washington through Sunday. The storms knocked out power for many across the region, caused extensive airport delays
- Vancouver btw saw 155 mm of rain for November...averages for our soggiest month are about 180 mm so we are on par. Dec averages are 160 mm of rain..snow not included

Environment Canada Winter Outlook
- The 1st of the month...EC will issue there climatological outlook for the next three months; Dec, Jan, Feb above avg for temperature while most of the rest of the country looks normal for temps. There is fair confidence in this forecast with some exceptions inc Vancouver Island, and parts of AB & SK. There was an El Nino in the forecast which is one of the major factors for long range outlooks, but now that is not happening so I will look into some of the contributing factors they might have looked at.
- Precip above avg for parts of central Canada but normal for most of the rest..however very low confidence in the precip forecast

Despits all the Hype...Curiosty Did Not Find Organic Material
- Curiosity has completed full analysis of its first soil samples and has yet to find evidence of organic material though nearly every instrument aboard the SUV-sized laboratory has been used
- Frenzy aside, the rover has discovered a number of ingredients in the martian soil, including water, Sulfur & chlorine-containing components. The tests also served to test the rover's many instruments.

Keep Satellites Aloft to Be Ready for Bad Weather Below
- A gap in satellite data..that help mets predict the future of storms inc hurricanes, could begin in October 2016, when a satellite put in orbit a year ago reaches the end of its expected five-year life. A replacement won't be ready to launch until at least March 2017, and then it will take another year for its instruments to be checked out and ready to operate. That would leave a 17-month gap, during which three-to-five-day weather forecasts will be fuzzier.
- What can be done and what will this mean for forecasts...the National Weather Service takes a look

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