Grey Showers, Snowy Passes....Plus What's Your Chance of a White Christmas?

A westerly flow is the weather pattern over the next few days. Imbedded showers will continue to be the story, as well as cooler temperatures and mountain snow.

Crab Park

- High pressure will attempt to build in for the weekend but unfortunately it's not strong enough to keep the showers away
- There may be a little bit of a break between the showers later today before the next round starts after midnight..light showers tomorrow as well
- Periods of snow will fall for the local mountains and highway passes
- Forecast for Saturday a little tricky at this point...looks like showers will get through but not a bad day...heavier rain Sunday with a system that will get through but drier early next week until Tuesday night when the pattern changes
Environment Canada White Christmas
- Too early to do actual day-of forecasts but using climate stats I can do a 'what's your chance of seeing a white Christmas Where you Live?'
- Interesting to note that the percentage has decreased for some cities substantially in the last 20 years (ie 55% for Toronto for when parents were kids...only 22% for kids today)
Studies Differ on Climate Change And Warming
- Two heavyweight climate scientists have published very different ideas about how much the Earth is going to warm in the coming decades. And neither has much regard for the other's estimate - casting light on a long-standing, thorny issue in climate science.
- Future warming is likely to be on the high end of predictions says one...low end says the other.
- The range of warming predictions for doubling carbon dioxide in the atmosphere - the so-called climate sensitivity - spans about 2 to 4.5 degrees C: a huge degree of error. That is what studies in the past couple of years have been trying to narrow down. Not trying to prove climate change, that's already been done, it's narrowing down the error now.

A new astonishing interactive map shows every bomb dropped on London during The Blitz
- If you've ever wondered how close London's landmarks came to being blown up in the Blitz, a new interactive mobil map has the answer.

NASA releases breathtaking images of the Earth at night
- NASA at it again! Cool pics and video..,0,1846562.story

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