Cooler Pattern Ahead..Snow for Local Mountains!...Plus NASA Has Some Things To Share...Dec 5th

The weather pattern has changed from rounds of Pacific systems and mild air, to a dominate westerly flow meaning cooler air but showery rain.

Showers will reapear this afternoon and evening although much of Metro Vancouver started off the day with sunshine.


-Heavy snow will continue over the Coquihalla from hope to Merrit..another 10-15 cm. Snow levels in general lowering from 800 to 500 m today!
- Steadier showers with less sun I'm afraid for Thursday & Friday. This does mean a good snowmaker for the local mountains.
- By the weekend a ridge of high pressure attempts to build in but looks like it is not strong enough to keep the rain away entirely and the skies mainly cloudy
Extreme Damage and 300+ People Killed from Bopa
- Bopha is only Category 5 typhoon on record to make landfall on Mindanao, which rarely sees strong typhoons due to its position close to the Equator. Most of the deaths occurred in the gold-rush mountain towns of New Bataan and Monkayo due to typhoon-spawned landslides and flash floods.
The storm has now weakened to a cat 1 and continued to move away from the Phillipines. 

NASA to Launch Another Mars Rover in 2020
- To keep costs down, engineers will borrow Curiosity's blueprints, recycle spare parts where possible and use proven technology including the novel landing gear that delivered Curiosity.
- While the science goals remain fuzzy, the rover at the very least should kickstart a campaign to return Martian soil and rocks to Earth -- a goal trumpeted by many scientists as key to searching for evidence of past life. Curiosity doesn't have that capability.
- In the coming months, a team of experts will debate whether the new rover should have the ability to drill into rocks and store pieces for a future pickup -- either by another spacecraft or humans.
- NASA is under orders by the White House to send astronauts to circle Mars in the 2030s followed by a landing.
Amazing new Images from Earth Revealed in New NASA Book
- Some beautiful, Prometheus-esque pictures.
Scientists Make No Bones About It - This Really Was a Dinosaur
- A creature no bigger than a Labrador with a metre-long tail that roamed the Earth more than 240 million years ago may have been the world's first dinosaur.
- Palaeontologists have analysed the bones of what they
believe to be the oldest species of dinosaur, named Nyasasaurus parringtoni, which lived between 10 million and 15 million years earlier than the oldest known dinosaurs.
Paris Faces Darkness as "City of Light" Set for Illumination Ban
- The French minister for energy and environment unveiled last week a proposal for lights in and outside shops, offices, and public buildings, including the flagship Louis Vuitton store on Avenue des Champs Elysees -- to be turned off between 1 a.m. and 7 a.m. starting in July. The plan, to be applied across French cities, towns and villages, is aimed at saving energy and money and showing "sobriety,"

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