A Change in the Weather Pattern for YVR...Plus Ancient #2...Dec 4th

Winds have begun to ease and have shifted into the west over the South Coast, behind the front as it now tracks across the interior bringing heavy snow to hwy passes. . Top winds gusts overnight across the Sunshine Coast were over 100 km/h... parts of metro Vancouver saw gusts to 80 km/h. BC hydro reporting about 7200 customers without powers on Vancouver Island and about 1000 without power for metro Vancouver.

The westerly winds are channelling into the Fraser Valley and causing heavy rainfall near Hope. About 15 mm of rainfall has already fallen near Hope and another 40 to 50 millimetres of additional rainfall is expected near Hope by Wednesday morning


Peak Wind Gusts for select BC Coastal Station

Metro Vancouver
Point Atkinson              83 km/h
Tsawwassen Ferry Terminal   80 km/h

Greater Victoria
Victoria Harbour            70 km/h
Gonzales Hill               81 km/h
Trial Island Lighthouse     93 km/h

Southern Gulf Islands
East Point Saturna Island   89 km/h
Entrance Island             80 km/h

East Vancouver Island
Comox Airport               89 km/h

Sunshine Coast
Grief Point                104 km/h
Sechelt                     69 km/h

West Vancouver Island
Estevan Point              102 km/h
Lennard Island Lighthouse   72 km/h
Amphtrite Point Lighthouse  81 km/h
Cape Beale Lighthouse       96 km/h

- As for the rest of Vancouver, getting some sunny breaks today with breezy winds... risk of shoers continues and steadier rain to move in this evening
- The same frontal system that brought winds to the south coast is crossing the interior today; the Coquihalla Highway could see up to 65 cm of total snowfall is possible by Wednesday morning. 
- Behind this frontal system the westerly pattern will turn cooler and more showery (rather than rounds of soakers) for Wed through Sunday. Sunshine at times not out of the question for the weekend.
- Avalanche risk remains high for much of BC today.. coming back down to considerable for the end of the week

Typhoon Bopha: More than 40 Dead In Philippines     
- I'm sure there will be more to update today on the news side..sounds like lots of missing still
- Bopha is now located approximately 500 km from Zamboanga, Philippines and has weakened due to land interaction but is still producing sustained winds of 175 km/h  making this the equivalent of strong a category 2 hurricane
- The system is now moving in a west-northwesterly direction at around 35 km/h and there is a possibility that it could re-intensify slightly as it moves over the waters of the Sulu Sea eventually affecting Vietnam or China or even the northern Philippines..a lot of uncertainty in the forecast track
- http://news.sky.com/story/1020289/typhoon-bopha-40-dead-in-philippines

Record Warmth Across Eastern Canada Today!
- Lots of records falling across On & QC for temps in the mid teens today. And Ottawa has broken their all time warmest December temp at 17.6 right now
- The warm front will, of course, give way to a cold front dropping temps 15 degrees tomorrow. Maritimes will get a one-day warm up tomorrow as the heat tracks east

Russia, Ukraine hit with massive snowfall
- Russia and Ukraine on Tuesday battled through heavy snowfall which created record traffic jams in Moscow and cut power in some 300 Ukrainian towns.
- Colossal amounts of snow fell overnight, making the morning commute into the Russian capital a nightmare, with stop-and-go traffic on most major streets to the centre. "Today Moscow was one step away from complete transportation paralysis," a presenter said on Channel One's afternoon news.
- At a glance...looks like they get a bit of a break before more snowfall for the end of the week
- http://news.asiaone.com/News/Latest%2BNews/World/Story/A1Story20121204-387651.html

Successful first test of Tsunami Warning System for the North Atlantic and Mediterranean
- Of the 39 member countries of the  system (NEAMTWS), 18 participated (Cape-Verde, Croatia, Denmark, Egypt, Finland, France,  Germany, Greece, Ireland,  Italy, Lebanon, Malta, Monaco, the Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Sweden and Turkey)
- The exercise tested the systems used for relaying warning messages and, in some countries the readiness of civil protection services. 
- Four regional centres were mobilized for the exercise, each reacting to a different communication scenario. The scenario was based on an earthquake and tsunami that devastated the Aegean coastlines on 9 July, 1956.
- http://www.unesco.org/new/en/media-services/single-view/news/successful_first_test_of_tsunami_warning_system_for_the_north_atlantic_and_mediterranean/

RIP Spidernaut: The Space-Traveling Arachnid Is Dead
- She was the first jumping spider to make it all the way to space and live to tell about it. After spending 100 days aboard the ISS, she successfully readjusted to life on earth where she enjoyed just five days of retirement at the National Museum of Natural History's Insect Zoo. And sadly yesterday, she died.
- http://gizmodo.com/5965523/rip-spidernaut-the-space+traveling-arachnid-is-dead

Fecal Matters: The Importance of Ancient Poop
- A new study uses ancient human stool remains for the first time as indicators of the presence of human beings and a way to track the migration of ancient peoples, as well as to help paleoclimatologists assess those populations' effects on the environment.
- Really I just wanted to see how creative I could get with the title
- http://science.time.com/2012/12/04/ancient-human-poop-ah-the-tales-it-can-tell/


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