Pacific Storm Begins...Plus the World You Thought You Knew...Nov 22

Heading off to Whistler today for Blackcomb opening! Yes bringing the board. Felt very cool leaving my building this morning fully loaded with gear. "where you headed?" asked a neighbour in the elevator. "Oh you know, just Blackcomb opening day, no big deal" and then I close-lined myself with my own board on the way out... But no matter! Fresh snow should start around noon at the alpine level! Lots of special guests to chat with tonight on the show. See you on the slopes

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-Mainly dry weather for the better half of today for metro Vancouver..but rain ahead of the big storm is already starting across the island
- A  rapidly deepening low pressure system is approaching coastal British Columbia and will bring strong blustery winds to coastal areas. Strong winds are happening now in the north. Sandspit has already recorded a gust of 133 km/h this morning! with sustained winds at 98 km/h..
- Wind warnings have now been extended all the way down to the sunshine coast for 60-80 km/h gusts..90-110+ km/h gusts along central & north coastal regions
- As this large frontal system approaches outflow winds will develop over North Coast inland sections and keep temperatures below zero until Friday. This combined with the frontal moisture will produce heavy snowfall accumulations tonight with 25 cm possible near Kitimat. For Vancouver heavy rain starting this evening. 30-40 mm tonight with another 10-20 mm tomorrow.
- Much drier conditions for the weekend although lingering showers with a westerly flow still in the forecast. Drier but cooler early next week
- BTW Whistler forecast today: alpine level: light snow beginning shortly...valley: wet snow
Scientists 'Undiscover' Pacific island, say it doesn't exist
- I LOVE this story.
- A South Pacific island, shown on world maps, marine charts as well as on Google Earth, actually does not exist, Australian scientists claim.
- The supposedly sizeable strip of land, named Sandy Island on Google maps, was positioned midway between Australia and French-governed New Caledonia. But when scientists from the University of Sydney went to the area, they found only the blue ocean of the Coral Sea.

Rover Measures Dust Storm on Mars
- "For the first time since the Viking missions of the 1970s, we are studying a regional dust storm both from orbit and with a weather station on the surface."


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