Much Deserved Sunny Monday! Back to Rain Tomorrow ..Big Changes Ahead..Nov 5th

Remember, remember the 5th of November, all you brits. And a lovely day at that. After a soggy weekend for most of the south coast a high pressure ridge has pushed farther north than models last week were showing- that means a sunny Monday!

- By tomorrow morning though, the next rain-maker moves in for a mild but soggy Tuesday
- Big changes are in the forecast for Wednesday: an Alaskan low will sink down to the south coast bringing much cooler air and showery weather. Snow levels looking to drop for the second half of the week into the weekend
- By the way...big winds yesterday for parts of the BC coast:

Langara Island      128 km/h
Cumshewa Island     124 km/h
Sandspit a.         100 km/h
Grey Islet          131 km/h
Holland rock        111 km/h
Prince Rupert a.     91 km/h
Terrace Airport      91 km/h

U.S. Election Day Weather
- Weather can play a game-changing role in voter turn out at the polls.
- While a large portion of the nation will be dry and mild on Election Day, there are some areas of the nation where the weather will be more active:
- A storm emerging off the coast of the Southeast will produce rain and thunderstorms from the Carolinas through Florida, while a separate storm will spark rain and snow showers in parts of the Upper Midwest and Great Lakes. A third storm is expected to move onshore in the Pacific Northwest, bringing more clouds and showers to parts of the region.

Nor'Easter On-Route to Areas Hit by Sandy
- An early season nor'easter may bring another round of coastal flooding to the mid-Atlantic and southern New England Wednesday into Thursday. This will affect the areas that were hardest hit by Hurricane Sandy last week.
- The storm will form off the coast of South Carolina tomorrow evening. Once over the warm waters off the coast, the low will intensify, and accelerate to the northeast on Wednesday, dragging in cold Canadian air
- While the exact track of the storm still has considerable uncertainty, the models are pretty unified on the timing and strength of this storm. A 12-hour period of 70+ km/h winds will likely affect portions of the coast from Maryland to Massachusetts.
- Right now it looks like the strongest winds and a storm surge will be affecting the New Jersey Coast so we could be looking at moderate to locally severe erosion along the coastal areas pounded by Hurricane Sandy last week.

Sandy a galvanizing moment for climate change?
- In the days following Sandy, there were a number of articles and statements made on the connection between Sandy and climate change. My initial thoughts were to stand by the science- a single weather event (and an extremely unique one at that) cannot be attributed to climate change. As temperatures rise, we will see more severe, and more frequent weather events but they have to be looked at as a collection...and scientists still have a hard time resolving what exactly a warmer environment will do for hurricanes
- That being said...the images coming out of Sandy, the Bloomberg endorsement of climate change policies ect could be the tipping point to bring attention to the issue of global warming. Sometimes it does take one event to change the tides and it feels like this could be it. Tipping point, galvanizing moment ect.. it has been very interesting to see people look at this event as a potential snapshot of the future


Vancouver Weather


Chance of showers



Chance of showers



Chance of showers



Chance of showers



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