More Rain Tonight YVR & Avalanche Risk High for Sea to Sky...Plus Ice on Mercury? Nov 29th

The first of many Pacific lows brought waves of moisture and winds to the south coast starting yesterday afternoon. Metro Vancouver saw between 7-10 mm last night along with gusts to 40 km/h this morning. Higher gusts for the islands around the Straight of Georgia to >100 km/h

rainonlens.jpg 12:30 pm
-The series of Pacific storms will continue to impact Vancouver through the weekend with wet & windy weather
- This afternoon though, Vancouver will get behind the front of the first system- not a lot of rain happening there as far as precip for most of Vancouver; looks like North Van may stay in the rain with another 10+ mm today but southern portions of Vancouver will get a drier afternoon. Sunny breaks not out of the question
- The next round of rain moves in this evening and through the overnight again with windy conditions
- Heavy snow will persist today as the series of storms move across the interior.  Near Pine Pass, Arctic air will mix with moisture from the
Pacific storms to produce another 10 to 20 centimetres of snow by Friday.
- In the Kootenays, additional snowfall amounts of 20 to 30 centimetres are expected by Friday.  Heavy snowfall will likely continue through
the weekend as more storms are expected to track across the region.
- Temps are running a little warmer than predicted~ 11 right now in yvr but will drop as the next system rolls in the evening to high single digits
- Some coastal flooding with high tide for our friends just south of the border
- Some of the models try to build a little ridge in for Monday...meaning a sunnier forecast, but this trek of storms has not been handled well by the models thus far so we will see!

Avalanche Risk High for Sea to Sky
- Risk is high today for Sea to Sky regions at the alpine level...and considerable across most other BC regions. Forecast is high right through to Saturday  
- Sea to Sky will see new snow and strong winds over the next few days with the train of Pacific Lows. The avalanche forecast notes that the weakness in the slab is mainly confined to slopes with smooth ground cover because the weakness is so close to the ground (e.g. scree slopes, rock slabs, summer firn, glaciers, etc.)
- As far as I can see snow amounts for levels above 1400 m today may be close to 30 cm. Another 15-30 cm tomorrow for the same snow level and then perhaps another 20+cm for Saturday with dropping snow levels to 1000 m
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