Dry Run End Tomorrow..Plus Beavers, Lobsters & More!...Nov 27th

High pressure will allow dry weather to stick around for one more day...although with mainly cloudy skies. A Pacific low pressure system will begin to impact the south coast Tuesday overnight with showers..and steadier rain starting Wed afternoon. We could be looking at some gusty winds tomorrow evening as it swings onshore.

The system will bring warmer air though- back to double digit highs for tomorrow onward. Unsettled conditions will continue the rest of the week into the week

Thawing Permafrost Threatens to Intensify Warming, UN Report
-  The UN Environment Program released a new report at the latest round of treaty negotiations in Doha: all over the wires this morning
- Thawing permafrost threatens to intensify global warming, sending the planet beyond the 2 degrees Celsius of increases that envoys at United Nations climate talks have set as a maximum.
- Frozen soils that cover a quarter of the land area in the northern hemisphere contain 1,700 billion tons of carbon, twice the amount currently in the atmosphere
Top Lobster Scientists Gather for Maine Symposium
- Top lobster scientists are meeting to look at fundamental changes that have affected lobsters in recent years after a summer that featured a potentially record-breaking haul in Maine and Canada and a crash in wholesale prices.
- http://www.cbsnews.com/8301-505245_162-57554709/top-lobster-scientists-gather-for-maine-symposium/
CBC: Flu forecasts use weather prediction model 
- Scientists in the U.S. have developed a system to predict the timing and severity of possible flu outbreaks adapted from weather prediction techniques.
- http://www.cbc.ca/news/technology/story/2012/11/27/sci-flu-forecast.html
'Beaver' Full Moon Tonight, Smallest of Year
- Get ready for the full moon's least prominent, most underwhelming showing of the year. Tonight's full moon coincides with the most distant point in its orbit, which will make it appear smaller and duller than the typical full moon.
- The name probably comes from Native American skylore reminding trappers to set their final traps for the season before the beaver ponds freeze up for the winter
- http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/capital-weather-gang/post/beaver-full-moon-tonight-smallest-of-year-also-penumbral-lunar-eclipse-some-areas/2012/11/27/2b40b268-38ad-11e2-b01f-5f55b193f58f_blog.html

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