A Soggy End to the Month...But a Drier End to the Week..Nov 1st

Hey there November...First though, a look at the deluge that was Halloween: a low pressure system off the coast of Oregon delivered sustained southerly winds to the south coast for much of the day and evening yesterday. Higher amounts the NW regions rather than the NW in this set-up

Squamish            54 mm
Maple Ridge         54 mm
Surrey              50 mm
Pitt Meadows        50 mm
Langley             48 mm
West Vancouver      44 mm
White Rock          41 mm
Abbotsford          41 mm
Vancouver Airport   31 mm
Whistler            25 mm
Entrance island     18 mm
Victoria Airport    15 mm

- For the month of October YVR saw 197 mm of rain..well over the average of 112 mm...and none of that rain falling before Oct 11th! Here's to a wetter November..as you know it's usually our soggiest month with around 180 mm.
- Meanwhile the warmer air brought in by the Pacific front brought an extended period of freezing rain to the Caribou region yesterday...8 mm of ice accumulated at Williams Lake airport
- Both ice and rain have tapered today. Generally decreasing showers for Vancouver today..with drier weather for tomorrow
- By the end of the day the next weather maker may start to bring the showers in by evening hours
- Rainy & mild weekend and into early next week... but no super soakers like last night in the forecast at this point anyway

Snowy Edmonton
- Much of central Alberta was under snowfall warnings this am...snowfall warnings starting to drop off but the warm front of the system continues to bring freezing rain to the foothills today...changing back to snow tonight
- Around 5-15 cm for much of central AB by the evening
- Temps will stay in the minus 5 range...colder with windchill for the next couple of days...lights now and zero degree temps across SK & MB as well today

Possible Quebec Tornado
- Environment Canada officials will investigating a possible tornado on Halloween....At 2:30 pm EDT (Oct 31) the town Mont-Laurier (a few hours northwest of Montreal) saw damage to road signs at the 309-117 junction and a barn was "demolished.
- Photographs and video submitted to Environment Canada did show a funnel cloud but it was not associated with a thunderstorm..so likely cold core funnels which can occur this late in the season when there is a lot of upper level rotation in the atmosphere

The National Hurricane Center's Strikingly Accurate Forecast for Sandy
- http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/capital-weather-gang/post/the-national-hurricane-centers-striking-forecast-for-superstorm-sandy/2012/11/01/e2633b5e-2427-11e2-ac85-e669876c6a24_blog.html
- "Almost five days prior to landfall, the National Hurricane Center pegged the prediction for Hurricane Sandy, correctly placing southern New Jersey near the center of its track forecast. This long lead time was critical for preparation efforts from the Mid-Atlantic to the Northeas" Hurricane forecasting has come a long way in the last few decades..

Before and After Shots on Sandy
- Devestating before and after shots coming out now..
- http://storms.ngs.noaa.gov/storms/sandy/
- http://www.accuweather.com/en/weather-news/sandy-before-and-after-photos/957846

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