The Winds of..Same..Has Brought us More Sun..Oct 2nd

Right on cue we had our first windy night in a while for Vancouver. But back to the sun today...and all week in fact. Now I know we are only in day 2 of October but just a note that October rainfall averages are around 110 mm for Vancouver...just saying.


Yet Another Fine Week Ahead Vancouver

·         After a gusty night for southern BC as a frontal system made it's way onshore, we are back to the influence of the high pressure system. So sunny skies, breezy northerly winds, seasonal temps but cool nights

·         The pattern is looking to hold into at least early next week. Pretty unbelievable...

·         Afternoon temps will be just at or slightly above seasonal (16-18 degrees) but overnight lows are a lot cooler this week..single digits. Fog will likely build in for lower elevations through the morning hours 

·         Here's a look at the numbers from the system last night:

Lytton 96 km/h

Vancouver 67 km/h
Victoria 69 km/h
Whistler 76 km/h

Cathedral Point 111 km/h

Fort St John 28.2 mm
Terrace 16.4 mm

First Snow for the Prairies

·         The Arctic air has already started to work it's way down across Alberta this morning..after hitting mid 20s tomorrow Calgary will struggle to get above 5 degrees this afternoon

·         Rain has started along the front but as temps drop to near zero tonight it will likely change over to wet snow...a couple of cm accumulations is possible so many may have to get the shovels out tomorrow morning

·         The cold air will push into SK for tomorrow- wet snow on tap for Regina...and then Winnipeg for the end of the week


Winnipeg Smoke

·         The Winnipeg Intl. airport has been reporting smoke for the last couple of hours and has been picking up in strength

·         The gusty winds are in advance of the approaching Prairies they have switched overnight and are now coming from the SW to about 50-70 km/h. So even smoldering smoke will be an issue today for much of the city.

·         This afternoon they will switch to come from the west, ie away from the centre of the city but will still be very gusty

The Weather Channel to Name Winter Storms

·         The Weather Channel announced today its new naming system for winter storms, making it the first national organization in North America to proactively name winter storms.

·         In time for the start of the winter season, naming storms makes communications and information sharing easier, enabling consumers to better understand forecasts that could significantly affect their lives.

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