Rest of Canada Playing the 'Glad Game' Today With the Weather...Not Us! Oct 8th

Happy Thanksgiving! Hope you are all enjoying sunshine, family, friends, good food today. Alone on the couch with take-out is fine too though!


16th Annual Fort Langley Cranberry Festival by @Thomasso01

And End Finally in Sight to the Sunshine..Big Changes Ahead
- After another incredible weekend of record-breaking temps and sunshine..rain is showing up in the forecast
- Another day of record temps likely today with lots of sun..this dry stretch has also been historic for Seattle & Portland by the by
- The upper level ridge of high pressure will finally begin to break down at the end of the week. Mainly sunny skies until then but by Friday this opens the door to strong Pacific westerlies bringing the first fairly weak frontal system across the area Friday night
- Behind our Friday showers, a series of systems that have been dying to come onshore will follow each other to the coast, riding the westerly winds
- Looks like next weekend into early next week at least will be classic Vancouver October weather enjoy the last few days! We can talk more about what issues rain after such dry conditions might have later in the week
- Although not terrible, air quality has deteriorated over the weekend with the fairly stagnant weather pattern
Meanwhile, the Rest of Canada Chilly
- The rest of the country will be dealt cooler temps...many folks waking up to frost in Toronto and Montreal is under a frost warning again tonight
- Most of the major cities east of BC will struggle to reach the double digits today!
Northern Lights Pics from Canada Last Night..As Far South As Great Lakes
Mars Rover Curiosity Takes First Sample of Soil on the Red Planet
- The Mars rover used the scoop Sunday to take it`s first sample of sand..NASA released an image of the site taken by Curiosity
- The Rover twitter account is pretty cute:
@MarsCuriosity Come for the sand, stay for the science. See my new spot & the sampling activity I've got in store [video]

New Evidence Shows Voyager 1 has Exited our Solar System to Become the First Man-Made Object to Reach Deep Space
- NASA has yet to make the announcement about what would be the most significant achievement in space exploration but observers say new data from the spacecraft shows it has crossed over
SpaceX Dragon Capsule En Route to International Space Station for First Flight Under NASA Contract
- The SpaceX Dragon capsule successfully launched from Cape Canaveral, Fla., on Sunday night to make its first cargo delivery to the international space station
- The launch was the first under the $1.6 billion contract between NASA and SpaceX

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