Sun, Sun, Sun, Sun, Sun, Sun, Sun ,Sun...Oct 3rd

Wow...what a forecast. You may think that all I will have to do today is copy and paste the sun icon 7 times for the local forecast but I'll be looking at cool overnight lows, in contrast with an afternoon warming trend this week, and when I finally do see rain in the forecast. And all with an upgraded 2.0 Canadian weather model to boot.


In case you had not noticed, still sunny: 12:30 pm
English Bay


Cool Mornings Vancouver...But Sun As Far As The Eye Can See
- Just an unbelievable long range forecast...although temps are in the single digits for the overnight period our high pressure system has anchored in place so expect sunshine right through to at least early next week
- Afternoon temps are warming this week as the end of the week inland temps are in the low 20s!
- The blocking pattern that has set-up off the coast is called a 'rex' block. This is when a very tight closed circulation is situated above a closed-off low pressure system. This pattern can remain locked in place for days which is what we are seeing for the west coast
- Obviously a lot can change when looking this far out but at this point the long long range models are showing the break-down in the pattern to begin middle of next week with the first real chance for soaking rain the Oct 13th weekend. Jeesy Creesy

Calgary Snow..MB on Deck

- Southern AB was actually under snowfall warnings in the foothills last night for 5-10 cm. Just a couple of cm for Calgary
- The system (and the snow) is now crossing the border and bringing snow to Montana today...SK will be in the single digits but its just flakes rather than a big snowfall
- By tomorrow though...the system rides the jetream back up to MB and Northern ON: 5-10 cm with blowing snow looks to be a big story for them Th into Friday. Special weather statements are already in place
- Accumulating snow is not uncommon for these guys for this time of the year, a little on the early side that's all. But still, it's the first big snow of the season

Christmas in October

- Well....for the meteorologists. Basically our big Canadian weather model that we get most of our information from has released a major upgrade today. Yes all the mets are chattering. The big difference is that the resolution is going from 15 km to 10 km. A 5k difference if pretty huge for a local forecast...and that puts us ahead of the US main model (although they also have other ones) which is 12 km

Experts See Signs of El NiƱo, but a Weak One

- I'll be looking at what this may means for Canada's winter weather


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Vancouver Weather


A mix of sun and cloud



A mix of sun and cloud



Chance of showers