Steady Rain Starts This Evening...Soggy Halloween On Tap

Wow..what a busy past couple of days. Will be following recovery efforts closely...just some incredible images coming out in the wake of Sandy. It made landfall as a powerful Post Tropical Storm with a central pressure of 940 mb! And taking a page from St John's meteorologist Ryan Snoddon: That's the lowest pressured storm ever to make landfall North of the Cape Hatteras. Check out his blog for more on Sandy remains in NFLD later this week: (

Back here at home a frontal system will slide north late this afternoon and bring fairly significant rainfall to most of the south coast overnight and into tomorrow. Totals over the next 36 hours for Vancouver may be close to 30-50 mm

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- By Wednesday night the heavy rain should start to taper so there is hope that we will be dealing with tapering showers for trick-or-treaters
- By Thursday afternoon and most of Friday a short dry period will reign but next Pacific low will roll in for Saturday
- Temps are mild over the next 4 days- afternoon highs all into the 12-13 range and overnight lows staying close to double digits

Sandy's Whereabouts
- Post-tropical storm Sandy continues to weaken rapidly with the rough centre of this very large cyclone still ~380 km south of Toronto and continues to slowly move north
- Heavy rain and damaging winds associated with the storm have diminished. 
- However rainfall warnings are still in place for parts of the upper St Lawrence fro just over 50 mm.. that's the higher end of the rain Sandy has produced. The Maritimes are under rainfall warnings but that is related to a different system
- Locally gusty winds may be a concern for crews tyring to restore power along the NE US coast due to weakened limbs coming down
- For those without power the weather will be chilly..northerly winds will start to replace the southerly winds that were the story last night in NY & NJ.
- The storm is far from over however over the Midwest and Appalachians where cold wind and snow continues.
Canadian Impact
- Very strong winds associated with post tropical storm Sandy battered Southern Ontario last night and early this morning. The final wind
warning for the Sarnia-Lambton region has been ended as Sandy continues to weaken.
- Reports of some localized roof damage in addition to considerable tree limbs and other debris littering streets with occasional toppled trees. Numerous power outages: upwards of 150,000 customers have been affected including about 45,000 in Toronto as of early this morning.
- An extreme wind measurement of 121 km/h was reported atop the blue water bridge which crosses the st. Clair River at Sarnia.. Impressive wave heights of at least 7 metres were also observed over Southern Lake Huron during the night.

Wind Recap: Note the sustained winds were the real issue with strong sustained winds for 6+ hours
Location        strongest wind reported

Sarnia                  78 km/h gusting to 100 km/h
Ridgetown               80 km/h gust
London Airport          80 km/h gust
Kitchener               87 km/h gust
Oshawa                  87 km/h gust
Toronto Island          91 km/h gust
Toronto Pearson         80 km/h gust
Burlington              95 km/h gust
Port Weller             80 km/h gust
Qew by Stoney Creek  75-80 gusting to 96
Point Petre             93 km/h gust
Western island         106 km/h gust
(in Georgian Bay)
Blue water bridge      121 km/h gust (about 70 m above ground)

- An area of snow associated with post tropical storm Sandy is pushing westward into Northeastern Ontario (Wawa included).  The snow will likely become mixed with ice pellets today and continue into tonight. 
- A general 2-5 cm of snow and ice pellets is expected, with locally higher amounts of up to 10 centimetres possible.

Sandy Stats
- A record high water level of 4.2 m (13.88 feet) occurred at Battery Park, N.Y., Monday evening.
- Peak wind gusts: 154 kph at Eatons Neck, N.Y, 126 kph at Newark, N.J
- Rainfall: 243 mm at Virginia Beach, Va.; 210 mm at Patuxent River, Md.; 158 mm at Glencoe, Pa
- A near-record low barometric pressure occurred with Sandy offshore Monday afternoon. The pressure bottomed at 940 mb. For a storm north of Cape Hatteras, N.C., Hurricane Gladys of 1977 holds the record at just under 940. Gladys was a Category 4 hurricane which remained off the coast of the U.S.

Vancouver Weather


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