Steady Rain Starting...Cold Stretch Ahead...Oct 18th

Good afternoon! Just some light drizzle to start the day for Vancouver, but the main front is quickly sliding in. Looks like the rain is just starting and will continue into Friday. And then get those red mitts ready..cold air outbreak begins this weekend.

@gskygreenwalls Gastown Thu am

- First look at amounts around 10-20 mm for metro Vancouver. But Howe Sound is under a rainfall warning for 60 mm today & tonight
- The cold front of the system will pass tomorrow afternoon with clearing conditions for the second half of the day- may even see the sun!
- But the cold front will usher in some of the coldest air this season..snow levels will drop dramatically for Friday night and even the lowest mountain passes could be looking at slushy snow
- The weekend will likely not get into the double digits and it looks like the colder air will remain in place through next week as well'
Rafael Moving Away from NFLD Now
- The rain from post-tropical storm Rafael has now moved well offshore from Newfoundland. Rainfall amounts of 6 mm were reported at Cape Race.
- Post-tropical storm Rafael rapidly crossed the Southeastern Grand Banks early this morning and is now speeding away into the North
Atlantic.  Even as it exits Canadian waters it still may trigger rapid changes in water levels and shifts in currents in many Harbours over the next few hours
 Models of Earth's climate change confirmed on Mars
- Astronomers say computer models have accurately forecast conditions on Mars and are valid predictors of climate change on Earth.
- These computer programs predicted Martian glaciers and other features on Earth's planetary neighbor, a U.S.-French team of scientists found.
Tornadoes hit Mississippi, Arkansas
- Eight people were reportedly injured as severe storms spawned tornadoes across the Mississippi Valley and south Arkansas yesterday
- Today the risk for severe storms will shift to South Carolina to Pennsylvania..not as intense as Wed but there is still potential
Skydiver's Feat Could Influence Spacesuit Design
Orionid Meteor Shower
- A meteor shower lit up skies above the Bay Area and throughout California on Wednesday night, and they will appear with increasing frequency through Sunday
- Part of the Orionid meteor shower, which will peak from sundown Saturday through sunrise Sunday. The meteor shower should be seen here in western Canada as well
Earthquake Drill Happened at 10:18 am
- I practiced this morning at home... some fighting about who gets to go under the desk but now we know

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