Rain Is Coming (Cue Raven).. Oct 10th

Bit of a John Carpenter morning out there..that good ol' marine layer we were all missing is back for a second day. The real moisture comes Friday...and then the REAL rain comes Sunday. Well at least it's a bit of a build up.


English Bay, 12:30 PM, Fog KitKam.ca

Foggy Starts to Continue..Yes the Friday Rain is Still Coming

  • Marine fog and stratus clouds once again wrapped around the straight and will take until the afternoon to clear. Still think we will see the sun again late afternoon.
  • An earlier clear out for tomorrow so a sunnier Thursday on tap
  • The ridge of high pressure that has provided the record-setting sun & heat is set to break-down on Friday. This means the jetstream will sink back down to the south coast and will direct a series of soggy storms starting on Friday
  • A special weather statement was actually issued from Environment Canada yesterday evening as a heads up that this Friday will mark the end to the extended summer of 2012 and a return to more typical mid-October weather.
  • The Friday system is not a huge rain-maker but we will see periods of rain & showers...the second in the series of  is slated to arrive on Sunday and may provide much more significant rainfall across much of the South Coast.
  • We have only seen 7.9 mm of rain since July 22nd...Oct normally sees around 111 mm

Meanwhile Snow for Much of the Rest of Canada!

  • Right now, its is snowing in Edmonton, Calgary, Saskatoon & Yellowknife
  • A low pressure system is sliding down across Alberta dragging arctic & snow with it. Already 7 cm has fallen in Whitecourt and 5 cm in Grande Prairies. Snowfall warnings are in place for those areas with 10 cm possible by the end of the day
  • The snow will taper off early this afternoon but roads may be icy. Temperatures will also not get above the single digits from AB through to Northern Ontario
  • It's cold rain from southern Ontario out to the Maritimes, with gusty winds and temps between 11-16 degrees. A real blustery, Pooh day..

Scientists in the Arctic have launched an urgent investigation into how solar storms can disrupt sat-nav

  • Kind of a nice follow-up to the Northern Lights pictures the past couple of nights
  • Studies have revealed how space weather can cut the accuracy of GPS by tens of metres.
  • Scientists are hoping to understand the impact on satellite signals and then to try to develop a system for forecasting the most damaging effects of space weather
  • http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/science-environment-19897221

World Leaders Urge More Aid for Disaster Resilience on Sendai Meeting

  • Wrapping up a two-day conference to tackle disasters, world leaders urged the global community on Wednesday to invest more in boosting the disaster resilience of nations, especially developing countries, as the memory of last year's catastrophic earthquake and tsunami in Japan remains fresh.
  • http://english.kyodonews.jp/news/2012/10/187199.html

NASA says a small bright object detected on Mars is likely a piece of plastic from the Curiosity rover.

Montreal Quake 

  • No notable aftershocks recorded
  • Natural Resource Canada is still pegging the quake at a 4.5 but USGS has estimated a 3.9. There are several methods to determine a quake's magnitude so sometimes different agencies come up with different numbers
  • The quake was felt in southern Quebec, easternmost Ontario and nearby border areas of the U.S and by a few residents in Ottawa
  • In regards to regional population and seismic hazard, Montreal and Ottawa are ranked second and third, respectively, behind Vancouver. (Chouinard et al 2004)
  • Seismicity around Montreal is controlled by regional tectonics within the Western Quebec Seismic Zone associated with faults in the bedrock that are millions of years old..small earthquakes are common


Vancouver Weather


Chance of showers



Chance of showers



Chance of showers



Chance of showers



A mix of sun and cloud