Next Round of Rain Starts Tonight As Drizzle.. Oct 17th

What a gorgeous day it was yesterday with clouds- here is a hipstashot my sister took down in Gastown. A cool start today as many of you noted... I had the toque on to the walk to work!


Next Rain-Maker for Vancouver Tonight..Cool Weekend Ahead
- Slow to warm up today after a chilly overnight..and a mainly cloudy day ahead. May see a few sunny breaks at best but overcast for the most part.
- Tonight the next rain-maker will move in; light drizzle should start overnight for most of the south coast with steady light rain picking up Thursday afternoon into Friday
- Wind warnings still in place for north & central coastal sections for 100 km/h gusts this evening as the next front approaches
- The weekend will bring cooler air and more showers. This cold outbreak event will bring the lowest snow levels of the season so far through the northwest so slushy accumulation is possible for the highway passes for the weekend. ill keep watching that.
Hurricane Rafael..Close Call for St John's
- Hurricane Rafael continues to track northward, likely crossing the Grand Banks of NFLD tonight. The latest computer models are indicating a track along the extreme southern edge of the Southeastern Grand Banks.
- The heaviest rainfall associated with Rafael should remain offshore tonight and the wind threat to Newfoundland is low.
- We may see rapid changes in water levels and rapid shifts in currents in many harbours early in the morning on
Thursday, about two or three hours before the high tide. The high tide will occur near 10 AM NDT on the Avalon and north, and about 11 AM for Placentia Bay.
- There is a marine watch and a special weather statement is in effect for strong currents and rapidly changing water levels for much of eastern NFLD including St John;s
- Here is a look at the latest forecast track form the Canadian Hurricane Centre..not a direct hit but definitely a close call!

Millions to Take Part in Largest Ever Earthquake Drill Tomorrow at 10:18 am
- More than 13 million North Americans are expected to clamber under desks and hide beneath tables on Thursday as they take part in the world's largest-ever earthquake drill.
Looks like the earthquake drill is part of a global program..570,000 registered for 10:18 am drill tomorrow here in BC. Learn more here:
North America Sees Biggest Increase in Weather..New Study Published Today
- According to Munich Re, the world's biggest reinsurer, Climate change contributed to a fivefold increase in weather-related natural disasters in North America over the past three decades,
- "Nowhere in the world is the rising number of natural catastrophes more evident than in North America," There was a four-fold gain in disasters in Asia, while the number doubled in Europe, the reinsurer said.
BBC: Pluto moons may pose threat to Nasa spacecraft
- Newly discovered moons around Pluto may pose a hazard to Nasa's New Horizons spacecraft, which is en route to the dwarf planet, according to scientists.
- The spacecraft is now almost seven years into its nine-and-a-half-year journey across the Solar System to explore Pluto, but since the probe was launched, astronomers have found 2 more moons around the icy world which raises the risk that dangerous debris could be orbiting Pluto.


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