Monday Rain & Winds Moving in...Sunny Breaks Ahead Though...Oct 15

More rain fell this weekend for most of the west coast than we have seen in the past 3 months! Weekend rainfall totals: Port Mellon: 154 mm, West Vancouver 111.1 mm, Vancouver 92 mm, Pitt Meadows 80.6 mm just to name a few.

English Bay 12:30 pm Loosing the sun

  • The next round of rain looks to begin this afternoon..5-10 mm for Vancouver. Wind will pick up as well: 40-60 kmh. Wind warnings are in place for most of Vancouver Island & the Sunshine coast for gusts over 100 kmh
  • Maybe catching a few more of those sunny breaks tomorrow and then a soggy second half to the week again with a general cooling trend of temps. Not too much below our seasonal 13 ish though 

Tropical Storm RAFAEL.. Eye on Canada 

  • Canadian Hurricane Centre has issued a statement about Rafael who is very near to hurricane strength this afternoon and bringing rain & winds to Bermuda.
  • The storm is forecast to track northward towards Atlantic Canada for Wednesday
  • Right now Atlantic Canada is bracing for heavy rains with a separate Canadian rain-maker. The outcome of Rafaels track will rely heavily on its interaction with this current system. Similar set-up to our last Canadian topical storm Leslie.
  • Right now the strongest of the winds look to stay offshore, but Grand Banks could get clipped with hurricane force winds Thursday am at this point
  • Perhaps a nice connection to the 58th anniversary of Hurricane Hazel...
  • Canadian interest in hurricanes after Hazel hit Toronto in 1954 helped lead the Toronto Star to assign a reporter and photographer to fly on the only hurricane hunter airplane to crash in a storm since hurricane flying began during World War II.

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