Here's Looking At You, Thursday

Good day to you! Intermittent showers will continue this afternoon, but should diminish by late afternoon/evening, and then mainly cloudy...sunny breaks still possible! Temps still below the double digits with snow levels below 800 m. Another cold overnight as well with temps in the low end of single digits. But then I say, what about the sunshine on Thursday...and you say well that's the one thing we've got.

But now for a different song: @StephMcConahy posted this on twitter today: the Vancouver Rain Song! Kind of perfect:

"Terrry McManus' upcoming album release, "1972"

- By the evening our low that has been sitting off the coast finally breaks down and a weak ridge build in place for tomorrow. Tomorrow is looking like our best day this week with dry conditions and mainly sunny skies for the better part of the day..although temps will still be cool
- By tomorrow evening the warm front of the next approaching system will spread cloud cover and light rain that will continue through to Friday morning
- Soggy, but mild weekend ahead

Jerecho Beach 12:30 pm

Prairies Snow Now Tracking North..Cold Air Takes It's Place
- The low pressure system that moved across southern Saskatchewan yesterday brought a general 10 to 15 cm of snow to central SK including Saskatoon. Warnings now in place for northern SK & MB as the low pulls north.
- Temps across AB, SK & MB will now be below zero with wind chills in the minus double digits
- The same cold air will move into southern Ontario for the weekend...afternoon highs of around 7 for Toronto

Hurricane SANDY..Jamaica Now, Cuba Tomorrow, US/Canada Next Week?
- Sandy is making landfall right now as a Cat 1 storm with sustained winds of 130 km/h. Pictures are coming in of the storm surge which has brought flooding to the island already
- Sandy will then move over eastern Cuba tonight into Thu morning (likely maintaining it's hurricane status) and then move over the central Bahamas tomorrow afternoon
- Hurricane watches and warnings are in place for Jamaica, Cuba, the Bahamas and Haiti 
- A major storm with damaging consequences is still on the table from Norfolk to New York City and Boston. However, multiple components have to come together for the perfect storm. The models consensus keeps flipping back and forth on whether to take Sandy out to sea next week or curve the storm towards US landfall
- If US landfall is the outcome, then the storm may end up tracking through the Great Lakes into Ontario and Quebec as a major Fall storm. At this point it is only one possibility but definitely one all forecasters have a close eye on.

Forecast track as of 11:30 am PT

Australia's Antarctic Airstrip Melts
- Australia's airstrip in Antarctica is melting, prompting a scramble to find a new way to supply its research bases.
- Researchers said global warming has caused the glacial ice on the runway to turn to mush just four years after it was built for about £30 million. It was due to receive about 20 flights each summer but only six have been able to land in the past two years.
- Keep in mind this is 'land ice' that is melting rather than the 'sea ice' that has actually grown by 1% and we reported on a few weeks ago. Very different dynamics

Still Time to Spot Mercury
- Mercury is often too close to the sun to see in the night sky but, 2 or 3 times a year we can catch a glimpse
- For the next week, Mercury will be as bright as the brightest stars, being one of the first to shine after sunset.

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