Happy Thanksgiving! For the Most Part, Thanks for the Sun...Oct 5th

Turducken or Tofurkey this year?

At Least Another Week Sans Rain...Fire Risk Increases, Water Levels Drop
  • Our strong high pressure across BC maintains a dry northerly flow for the next week or so. (Still a 'rex block' in place)
  •  Nights will be cool but days will be sunny and warmer than normal
  • Dry conditions have raised fire weather concerns... most of the southern half of the province is under high risk with a few 'extreme' spots developing in the Okanagan & southern Vancouver Island
  • Low water levels are noticeable as well: http://www.comoxvalleyrecord.com/news/171805671.html
  • Ok long long range has the high pressure breaking down at the end of next week. So that's still oct 13/14 the next time we see rain
Manitoba/Ontario Snow Totals...
  • An intense storm system that developed over South Dakota Wednesday tracked into Northwest Ontario Thursday bringing a large swath of heavy snow and strong winds
  • Rain from the system changed to snow early Thursday morning and became heavy generally east of Winnipeg to the Ontario border. Snowfall amounts of 10 to 20 cm were widespread with up to 30 cm southeast of Steinbach.
  • The heavy wet snow and strong northerly winds caused tree damage and local power outages and made travel treacherous across Southeast Manitoba.
  • The snow however did bring some much needed moisture to the region which has been abnormally dry over the past month.
  • Northerly winds over the open Manitoba lakes are generating bands of heavier lake effect snow today. Local amounts of 5 to 10 cm are possible under these bands
  • Snowfall this early is unusual in Southern Manitoba but it does occur from time to time.
Snow reports:
Sandilands ....... 30 cm /southeast of Steinbach/
La Broquerie ..... 27 cm /east of Steinbach/
Vita ............. 25 cm
Pinawa ........... 22 cm
South Junction ... 20 cm /near Sprague/
Bissett .......... 20 cm
Richer ........... 10 cm
Oakbank ..........  9 cm /east of Winnipeg/
Steinbach ........  8 cm
Kenora              32 (EST'd)
Red Lake            26 (EST'd)
Dryden               8 (EST'd)

Eastern Canada Cool-Down Next

  • The same system will drag it`s cold front across Ontario & Quebec for the weekend, dropping temperatures down to the high single digits for the long weekend with showers and gusty winds
  • Early next week the cooler air will reach the Maritimes
Always Say it With A Smile?
  • A tourist attraction boss in the UK says he is considering legal action against the Met Office after "a series of overly pessimistic" forecasts he says are threatening to bring the tourist industry to its knees.
  • http://www.news.com.au/travel/news/met-office-threatened-with-legal-action-over-pessimistic-forecasts/story-e6frfq80-1226487659963

Vancouver Weather


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