Cool & Showery Next Few Days...Oct 22nd

After a cool weekend that brought the freezing level down to below 1000m, the cool air will linger for the first few days of the new week. But just beuatiful to see the snow line creep down the North Shore mountains yesterday... and nice to get the hnits out too ;)


- A low pressure system sitting just off the south coast will basically just sit and spin until Wednesday, keeping the cooler air locked in so afternoon highs at or just under the double digits for Vancouver with showers
- By Thursday a ridge will attempt to build back in so fairly dry and sunny for a day before a mild but wet system moves in for Friday and into next weekend
- Meanwhile a frontal system will move over Southeastern British Columbia tonight and spread snow over the Kootenay district. Rain showers will begin late this afternoon and change to snow this evening as the freezing level drops to valley bottom. 10 cm of snow is forecast for West Kootenay region and 10 to 15 cm are forecast for Kootenay Lake and East Kootenay south before the snow tapers to a few flurries Tuesday morning.
Same BC System Bringing Snow to Major Prairies Cities
- Snowfall warnings in place for much of southern Alberta & central SK inc Calgary & Saskatoon for 10-20 cm starting tonight
L'Aquila quake: Italy scientists guilty of manslaughter
- The seven were accused of having provided "inexact, incomplete and contradictory" information about the danger of the tremors felt ahead of 6 April 2009 quake
- The case has obviously alarmed many in the scientific community...Some scientists have warned that the case might set a damaging precedent, deterring experts from sharing their knowledge with the public for fear of being targeted in lawsuits
- While we know what areas in the world are located on a seismically active zone, we even know which plates are under significant stress and will eventually see a large earthquake, scientists cannot yet say when an earthquake is going to happen with any precision, even in a seismically active zone
- I think the case comes down to 'failure of communication of risk' rather than 'didnt predict the big one' but the assessment of immediate risk is in itself an impossible prediction. The community was anxiously awaiting the advice of these scientists because they had experienced tremors leading up to the 6.3. Sometimes a series of small quakes are a precursor for a larger quake but more often they are not. And of course now scientists are putting forth the question of why blame was not also laid on lax building standards, emergency preparedness etc...  
Another Angle: Scientists Link Deep Wells to Deadly Spain Quake
- Farmers drilling ever deeper wells over decades to water their crops likely contributed to a deadly earthquake in southern Spain last year, a new study suggests.
- Using satellite images, scientists from Canada, Italy and Spain found the quake ruptured a fault running near a basin that had been weakened by 50 years of groundwater extraction in the area.
UK Blood Rain in the Forecast for Halloween?
- Warm fronts expected to carry large amounts of red Saharan sand which, as the warm spell turns to rain and possibly even snow at the end of the week, will fall in liquid droplets that look like blood.
Watch a Galaxy Form Over 13 Billion Years in Only 2 Minutes
- NASA has just released stunning simulation video

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