Clouds Linger Today...But Still Dry Until Friday.. Oct 9th

Good Afternoon! And welcome to the webpage. Looking forward to sharing forecasts, interesting weather & science stories, and your tweets & pictures! And general musings too.. Keep checking back for new features especially during active weather. I will need your help for on-the-ground reports!
So the big question is: How are you feeling about the rain that will come Friday?
Mainly Cloudy: 12:20 pm English Bay
Cloud Slow to Clear Today..But Rain Not Until Friday
- With shifting winds allowing our marine layer to build back in...the lower stratus is slow to clear for parts of metro Vancouver. Should have some more sun back later this afternoon. By the water it may stay mainly cloudy though
- Dry conditions continue..our blocking ridge holds for a few more days. Mix of sun and cloud tomorrow and back to sunny Thursday
- Friday is when the ridge finally breaks down, allowing a train of systems to move on in making for a soggy, and cooler weekend into early next week. We knew it would happen eventually...

New Daily Temps Records Broken Yesterday

Bella Coola             22.9 (1916!)  
Cape St James           17.9   
Cathedral point         18.4   
Cloverdale east         23.5   
Malahat                 20.3   
Port Alberni            24.8 (1936)  
Powell River Airport    18.8   
Sisters islets          16.9   
Stewart Airport         16.5   
Terrace Airport         17.5   
University of Victoria  19.6   
Whistler                22.0
Great Aurora Pics From Last Night
- Pics from AB, SK, and parts of southern ON (Peterborough)
- The lights last night were from a burst of solar energy released last Friday that has finally reached our magnetosphere.. Stormy activity on the sun continues and therefore so does the northern lights activity
- Pictures are spectacular. Best folks have seen in years:
Space Skydive Aborted
- The launch of the Red Bull Stratos capsule had to be stopped at 11:42 a.m. local time in Roswell, New Mexico just before Felix Baumgartner's giant 30 million cubic foot balloon had been fully inflated and made ready for take off.
- From early morning the team postponed the launch due to strong winds at 700 feet - the balloon's top - waiting for the right weather window to open. The launch was scheduled for 11:40 a.m., the balloon inflation had begun, and then gusty winds picked up and made a launch impossible.
- Next window is Thursday...I will look into the wind criteria ect. The promo video from the redbull webpage is like a trailer to an action movie:
600,000 Persons Displaced in Kogi State
- Flooding caused by heavy rainfall in September and a hydro-power dam that opened its gates on the Nigeria River to prevent it from collapsing has led to massive destruction of property and infastructure
Remembering TS Nadine..
- Although not quite the longest lives tropical storm in history, she had quite a run with 21 days out at sea..
- NASA was able to test its new Global Hawk drone 5 times over the course of Nadines life and will be processing the data on hurricane formation to help forecasts

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