A Pinch and a Punch for the First of the Month..and a Record Too: Oct 01st

I think we all owe Halifax a nod for taking one for the team..while Vancouver has come in driest on record for Aug-Sept...Halifax just saw their wettest September ever. Even as we head into our 'wet months' 308 mm is still a good 100 mm more than we normally get in a winter month. Meanwhile we are in for a real Fall evening with winds and showers...back to sunshine though for the rest of the week! First week of October looks very much like September as the pattern holds.



A Fall day to start October: 12:20 pm,  English Bay, kitkam.ca

Looks Like We Did it Vancouver! Sorry No Prizes Though.

·         Waiting to hear back from Environment Canada who is added the official numbers up (sometimes slight differences from the public data and the observation data). But it looks like we 'unofficially' broke the driest Aug-Sept ever on record (dates back to 1896).

·         The last record stood in 1907 at 9.4 mm and Vancouver only saw 7.9 mm (1.6 mm fell on Friday)

·         Unfortunately, Victoria likely did not break the record..the saw 2mm on Friday which put them over the old record of 3.2 by about 0.6 mm.

OK Time For Fall BC: Winds, Chill, & For Some: Snow

·         Quite a gusty system is now making it's way inland. Our high pressure that held up so nicely over the weekend just cant hold it any longer...capt'n...

·         The lower mainland may see a few showers this evening but it will be the wind that is really noticeable. Gusting to 60 km/h for Vancouver and there are wind warnings for Fraser Canyon for 90 km/h gusts this afternoon/ evening. Central coastal sections meanwhile under rainfall warnings today with the same systemThe same front will also drag down cooler air through the interior today and into tomorrow. 2-5 cm for the mountain passes!!

·        The front is quite fast moving...although temps are a couple of degrees cooler this week than last, sunshine builds back in for the rest of the week...even into next weekend for Vancouver


Meanwhile The Complete Opposite on the Other Coast: All-Time Wettest Record for Halifax

·         Environment Canada has confirmed the wettest September on record for Halifax at 308.7 mm...this is also a tenth of a mm less than the all-time wettest month on record in August 1971. A lot of that rain came yesterday with 60-100 mm for Nova Scotia..another wet & windy day for them today

·         The is in-line with what has been happening across the country this past month: the jetstream has been amplifies across the west; blocking systems from moving in and keeping conditions dry & warm..as the jetstream tries to balance out on the other side of the country it has been dipping down allowing arctic air in and system to become trapped in place

Winter's Coming..To the Prairies

·         Arctic air is set to invade the Prairies this week starting tonight in Alberta..temps will drop mopre than 15 degrees over the next 24 hours and southern Alberta could be looking at west snow tomorrow: Edonton & Calgary included

·         The cold air will then push east into SK for Wednesday and MB for Thursday..and Ontario for the weekend

Typhoon Jelawat

·         Jelawat slammed the Japan mainland as a strong tropical storm on Sunday...reports of at least 1 person killed, wind damage and torrential rain

·         The storm made landfall in Aichi prefecture and brought rainfall rates of 120 mm per hour to the south coast and the evacuation of 21,000 homes in Nagoya

·         Today Tropical Storm Jelawat was well out to sea, east of far-northern Japan, racing towards the Aleutian Islands...

Spain Flooding

·         Flash flooding has been a major issue in Spain and over the weekend a tornado hit a fair ground. 

·         There are no warnings out for the country today

Vancouver Weather


Chance of showers



A mix of sun and cloud









Chance of showers