A Brief Break Today..Wet Warm Front Moves in Tonight...Oct 25th

Nice day eh? A high pressure has built in, bringing sunny & dry, albeit still cool, conditions to the region today. By this evening cloud will increase in advance of the next rain-maker; a fast-moving frontal system will spread light rain across Vancouver overnight with early morning showers to continue. Steadier rain should begin late morning tomorrow..jerecho2.jpg
Jericho Beach 12:20 pm

- Winds will also be gusty tonight and through the day tomorrow; especially near the water
- This is just the first in a series of Pacific lows; mild but soggy weekend into early next week. First look at the Halloween forecast- soggy but warm! Will take a closer look at the timing as we get closer

Hurricane Sandy Update
- Sandy is still a cat 2 hurricane with sustained winds of 165 km/h as it moves through The Bahamas. The centre is between Long Island and Great Exuma. Sandy will continue to move through the central Bahamas today & tonight and near the northwestern Bahamas tomorrow (passing by Nassau ~8am ET tomorrow)
- Hurricane winds will continue to spread across The Bahamas today..rainfall amounts of >400 mm locally also possible and a dangerous storm surge in combination with local tides will be a concern
- Sandy managed to survive the crossing of Cuba's high mountains as a cat 2 hurricane but will start to weaken to a cat 1 as it moves into cooler waters, but this also means the wind field will spread out..so a greater radius of cat 1 winds

Latest US/Canada Sandy Potential
- Sandy will likley spread heavy rains across the Carolinas Sat/Sun as it tracks along side the coastline..but models are still diverging quite dramatically after Sunday.
-  One of our top two models for tracking hurricanes has been changing the landfall midweek by 500 km every 6 hours; the latest run predicting a landfall in Maine/Nova Scotia on Wednesday morning.Our other top model, has Sandy hitting the mid-Atlantic on Monday afternoon, but has been much more consistent. Ultimately the threat for major impact on the NE US and Canada continues to increase. And although the storm will continue to loose it's tropical characteristics, the cold Canadian air it encounters will actually help to strengthen the storm.
- Heavy rain will be a major concern in the Main-Nova Scotia scenario, while if an earlier landfall (mid Monday) in the Mid-Atlantic sturns is the outcome; Sandy would be able to bring hurricane winds over a wide stretch of heavily populated coast...and full-moon is Monday so storm surge a big worry.

**the Canadian Hurricane Centre has just issued a special weather statment for NS, PEI, NW, Southern Quebec & Ontario. "Sandy will quite likley impact eastern Canada early next week..". Lots of factors, scenerios etc so too ealry to say anything meaningful but basically we are watching this one closley folks **

2pm ET Update from NHC...check here for updates: http://www.nhc.noaa.gov/graphics_at3.shtml?5-daynl#contents

Airline Fleet Fueled by Natural Gas
- At the end of next year, Qatar Airways is scheduled to open a new airport that will include a 25-meter swimming pool and squash courts, among other amenities. But it will also be extraordinary from an energy standpoint because it will pump airline fuel made from natural gas.
- http://green.blogs.nytimes.com/2012/10/25/an-airline-fleet-fueled-by-natural-gas/

L.A. Now: Fire warning issued as strong winds hit Southern California
- Strong winds Thursday night in what one meteorologist described as L.A. County's "first widespread Santa Ana event of the year, strongest one we've had so far." The gustiest winds should start to kick in tonight
- http://latimesblogs.latimes.com/lanow/2012/10/authorities-warn-of-fire-danger-in-wake-of-strong-wind-forecasts.html

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