The Leaves Are Giving You Away Mo' Nature... Sept 26th

Good afternoon. Another beautiful dry day in the books...with another today, and tomorrow. Cooler though if you are in the shade, and even with the sun it is undeniably a new season with the crunch of leaves at our feet. Would love to see your pictures of the leaves changing! Send them to or tweet me @JWagstaffe!


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Another Dry Day Vancouver...But Sneaky Drizzle a few days Ago

·          Yet another sunny afternoon today..and more on tap tomorrow before out next chance of showers on Friday. Little bit of a trough sliding though bringing a few more clouds to the mix for this afternoon..clearing back out late afternoon.

·          Vancouver In't airport is now reporting that on the Sat the 22nd 0.2 mm of precip was reported (between 1-3 am) Will confirm with EC but that means now we have 3.3 mm left that we can't get over in order to break the driest Aug- Sept period.


Good Time for a Light Show

·         Although I am not seeing any major geomagnetic storms in the next 24 hours.. this is the best time of year to catch the auroras across Canada

·         The arrival of the autumnal equinox also signals the start of aurora-watching season. From now through the end of October, the chances of sighting the glow will be reaching a peak. 

·         In fact, auroras peak in frequency twice a year, with the other peak coming around the beginning of spring in the Northern Hemisphere.

·         Geomagnetic disturbances are almost twice as likely in spring and fall compared with winter and summer, add on the fact that we are approaching the peak of an 11-year cycle in 2013 and you have some good odds

Super Typhoon Jelawat

·         Jelawat in the Western Pacific is forecast to curve across Okinawa and the Japan mainland, bringing flooding rain, monstrous seas and damaging winds0.

·         At this point for Okinawa, should be prepared for a direct hit for the end of the week. Impact will begin on the Ryukyu Islands with the worst conditions happening Sunday, local time, and late Saturday EDT.

·          By the time the system reaches mainland Japan early next week, it may be a tropical storm but flooding will still be a concern..Tokyo included

·          Here is the current forecast track:

·          This is the 2nd super typhoon of the season and the second in a row to hit Okinawa

Gusty Winds Could Push Deadly So. Calif. Wildfire

·         A fire that burned 11 homes and killed an elderly man who refused to evacuate was smoldering in rural San Diego County on Tuesday, but gusty afternoon winds could push it back to life




Space debris from Russian satellite threatens International Space Station

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Vancouver Weather


A few flurries






Chance of flurries or rain showers



Chance of showers



Chance of showers