Summer's Not Dead... Sept 25, 2012

Afternoon! I think Henry Rollins knew a thing or two about Fall in Vancouver: "We know that in September, we will wander through the warm winds of summer's wreckage. We will welcome summer's ghost". So here's to a summer's ghost for a few days. 

Beautiful BC Again
  • After our 'weak front' yesterday...back to the sun for the next few days! A high pressure system is attempting to build back in meaning sunny afternoons and just above seasonal temps
  • Next chance of rain will come on Friday as showers at this point...if we can make it through Friday without 3.5 mm of rain then its clear sailing untli the end of the month

Cyclone Update
  • Super Typhoon Jelawat eyes the Phillippines, Taiwan and Japan
  • Currently sustained winds are almost 260 km/h, equivalent to a cat 5 hurricane
  • During the weekend, there is a good chance that a weakened Typhoon Jelawat could directly hit Okinawa and other Ryukyu Islands of Japan. Damaging winds, flooding rain and battering surf may all be major impacts. - Jelawat is the second-straight super typhoon of 2012, following Sanba - Meanwhile in the eastern Pacific, Miriam is now a cat 2 hurricane..while it is looking to weaken it does pose a threat to the Baja Peninsula for Sunday  
High Speed Camera to Capture Falling Snowflakes in Ontario

Environment Canada is launching a science project to show how snowflakes evolve as they descent and use that info to make devices that measure snowfall accumulations more accurately

The new camera will be delivered to King City just north of Toronto for December

Strange Sea Foam Blankets Scottish Fishing Village as Storms Batter Britain

Major Weather Satellite Monitoring East Coast Has Shut Down..Major Impact on Atlantic Canada

One to Watch For Oct 8th

  • An Austrian parachutist will attempt to go supersonic when he jumps from a record altitude of 37 km over the U.S. reaching top speeds of 1,110 km/h and breaking the sound barrier with only his body.

Einstein's Brain Is Now Interactive IPad App

For only $9.99 the brain that revolutionized physics can be downloaded as an app..

Vancouver Weather


Chance of showers



Chance of showers



Chance of showers



Chance of showers



A mix of sun and cloud